Photo by Ricardo Stuckert, who participates in the event. Photo: Ricardo Stuckert/Disclosure

Partnership between the French Embassy in Brazil and the Institut Français in France, the first Night of Ideas in Brazil will take place simultaneously in Brasília (at Aliança Francesa), São Paulo (Casa das Rosas) and Rio de Janeiro (Parque Lage) this Thursday , January 30, under the theme “being alive and forest”.

The event – ​​which should be held in 70 countries at different times – proposes in its first Brazilian edition a moment of creative reflection on the forest, its challenges, its concepts and its variety: from the tropical forest to the Atlantic forest, from the savannah to the Mediterranean maquis. . This theme will be thought and experienced following different approaches: philosophical, scientific, anthropological, ecological, technical and social. The program will also feature artistic moments such as projections and performances.

The program will be based on two main axes: “The forest as a living being”, relating to the most recent scientific discoveries and techniques, philosophies of life and alternative approaches to the forest present in spiritual and local practices; “the forest as a place of living beings”, concerning the discussion about living beings that not only live, but also manage and shape forests.

Among the names that will participate in the event in the three cities (see the complete schedule here) are artists, indigenous leaders, poets, curators, botanists, anthropologists, journalists and researchers, among them Ernesto Neto, Jean-Paul Ganem, Santídio Pereira, Ricardo Stuckert, Alvaro Tukano, Ailton Krenak, Luiz Zerbini, Bernardo Esteves and Ricardo Abramovay.

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