The Parque Lage building. Photo: Ana Lauriano/Flickr
The Parque Lage building. Photo: Ana Lauriano/Flickr

Nthis Monday, April 19th, the School of Visual Arts do Parque Lage launched the public notice for the third edition of its free training program. Interested parties can apply, until May 2, for two courses, each with 15 places and duration of eight months. For the first time, students will have a monthly scholarship worth R$300.

The first course is aimed at people interested in knowing or getting closer to the field of art, without the need for previous experience. In it, the program will be divided into four modules, with guidance and pedagogical monitoring by Camilla Rocha Campos and Natália Nichols, and will end with the realization of a collective project. The second is aimed at artists who already have work in development. In this, the selection will be made from the analysis of the portfolio of interested parties, who must also fill out the form provided in the public notice. At the end of the course, under the guidance of Professor Clarissa Diniz and curator Ulisses Carrilho, students will carry out an exhibition project as a final work.

Carrilho reveals that the programs at EAV Parque Lage start from “a desire to think about alternatives to a fixed idea of ​​a curriculum… forms that artists daily invent for the world”.

“With our free training programs, we want to contribute to expanding access to the field of art and culture, from new perspectives, experiences and attitudes”, highlights Yole Mendonca, director of EAV Parque Lage.

The curriculum for the 2021 edition of the programs was designed taking into account the health restrictions imposed by the pandemic, with classes and practices developed for virtual media.

Find out more on the EAV Parque Lage website. Access this link.
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