ARTE!Brasileiros was born eight years ago, and is now in her 44th year. edition and the 5th. edition of its International Seminar. His vocation and work, recognized in Brazil and in the world, needed to gain a clearer and larger space on the digital platform, in addition to its printed products, the bilingual magazine and specials.

We listened to our readers and concluded that, since the launch of, our communication became very confusing, creating an obstacle to the search and monitoring of the content that we developed around culture and contemporary art, which are increasingly intertwined.

Art, almost as a synthesis language, a channel par excellence of singularity shelters and gives space for reflections in the area of ​​philosophy, psychoanalysis, anthropology, sociology, as well as it has evolved in the discussion around identity politics and positioning. of the agent of art, who is none other than each one of us.

And art as an aesthetic and ethical experience is increasingly present and necessary in our daily lives. While many areas have become refractory to new debates, art as an experimental field of freedom has brought together, in addition to artists, academics and social agents engaged in the transformation of society.

It is in the midst of art that many of the most urgent and profound reflections have been carried out and one of the goals of ARTE!Brasileiros has always been to be a platform of visibility for these debates. Whether in seminars or in the magazine, we have sought to give space to works, artists and the thought most necessary for the current moment.

In this sense, we made the decision to focus all our content production efforts on the platform. ARTE!Brasileiros in the print magazine, Brazilian art on Instagram, @artebrasileiros on twitter and from the 18th of August where the user will be able to follow all our coverage daily.

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