In the first year recognizing itself as a “biennial”, no longer “festival”, Sesc_Videobrasil will have 55 artists, already announced last February. from the theme imagined communities, This year's biennial, which takes place between October 09, 2019 and February 02, 2020, will be hosted at Sesc 24 de Maio.

Using a strategy common to biennials, the project adopts the initiative of starting from a concept, a theme. This is perhaps the biggest change that the weight of the new title carries. THE open call is still considered for the choice of artists who will participate, but now there is a suggestion of a starting point for the thinking and construction of the work.

The artistic direction of the biennial is still in the hands of Solange Farkas, founder of Associação Cultural Videobrasil, whose curatorial partners are Gabriel Bogossian, Luísa Duarte and Miguel López. See full list of selected by clicking here.

The name change does not abruptly change the project. After all, it already had all the characteristics of a Biennale: it takes place every two years, focuses on contemporary art and has a focus on an area of ​​the planet (the South). Solange believes that it is this geopolitical frame that emphasizes the particular role of Sesc_VideoBrasil as a Bienal, as it gives voice to a production from a place in the world that still has difficulty in accessing and visibility.

Check out an interview with Solange and Gabriel Bogossian above.



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