Marcelo Jacome, Planos Pipa

Marcelo Jácome is from Rio de Janeiro, born in 1980, and is visiting Curitiba for the first time. His work as a visual artist is directly influenced by his background in Architecture and Urbanism. His work with sculptural formats seeks to activate free spaces, as with the works Hanging Points, Relational Multihedrons and, most famously, Pipa Plans. It is the latter that the artist activated in the atrium of Shopping Pátio Batel, in the capital of Paraná, where it can be seen from September 5th to 28th.

The work with the kites begins when Jácome starts working with collages using tissue paper, which he titled non-places. According to him, this appears at a time in his career when he realized a need to work with a more industrial color palette: “I see the world through chromatic masses, I relativize these masses… cutting out of the world through this practice”, he says. At that moment, the highlighted colors of the material draw his attention.

As he began to visualize other ways of using the material, the artist saw the spatialities within the compositions that emerged with the overlay of tissue paper. “Why not move this to a space?”, he thought at that moment. At that time, with a large studio in the port area of ​​Rio, he had no doubts that he would transform the work into a sculptural format. “I understood that I needed a structure for the thing to take place in a relevant way”. And it was then that the kites appeared to Jácome as a plastic solution, a formal system.

Finally, these facilities site-specific, always made according to what the places offer in terms of architectural possibilities, were called Pipa Plans. With them, the artist has already occupied places such as the Saatchi Gallery, in London, and Art Basel, in Basel. However, the work at Pátio Batel is the most challenging so far, Marcelo says. For him, it was exciting to be able to think of something possible, considering the technique and the assembly, for an area as large as the one made available by the Curitiba shopping center — the largest in which the installation has already been activated.

With an essential link with art, having a permanent exhibition of its collection of works along its floors, Shopping Pátio Batel has been carrying out since last year the idea of ​​inviting an artist to carry out some impact intervention during his birthday. “We always wanted to use art as another item to make visiting the mall a pleasant activity. This has always been part of our concept”, comments Mariane Kucinski Caponi, marketing and relationship manager at Pátio Batel.

Turning six this September, the curator responsible for the project, Eneida Gouvêa Vieira, saw in Jácome’s work as the ideal alternative to fill the extensive atmosphere of the mall’s atrium, which Mariane refers to as “a big blank canvas”. The floor area is approximately 400 m², 25 meters high.

kite plans It is the second intervention carried out at this location. In 2018, the premiere was led by American artist Jason Hackenwerth, who created a sculpture with 15 balloons. In addition to the monumental structure necessary to activate the space, it is also essential that everyone can enjoy the work: “It is important that it be a work of art that is easy to read for all audiences”, says Mariane: “Marcelo got married very therefore. He manages to have a grandiose work: simple in its essence, but incredible in its form”.

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