In the foreground, wooden partitions on the wall have the writing
Exhibition "Between Edges - Sounds that Escapam" by Sesc Santo André. Photo: Letícia Gouveia.

Qwhat are the sounds that escape the edges? It is from this question that Between Edges – Sounds That Escape, Sesc Santo André's new face-to-face exhibition. Curated by Paula Braga, the show brings the concept of potential sound in honor of the musician and performer John Cage.

It is from works by Bruno Kurru, Marília Coelho, Paulo Nenflídio, Renan Marcondes, Sandra Cinto and Thomaz Rosa that the exhibition deals with the sonic subtlety, the stillness and the enunciative power of what this potential sound is. The group show is part of the series between edges, organized by Sesc SP. The series of exhibitions invites artists and curators who are somehow related to the ABC region of São Paulo, this region “that is on the edge of the countryside”, as Paula Braga explains.

Watch the video and learn more about Between Edges – Sounds That Escape:


The exhibition is on view until March 2021. For everyone's safety in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, visits take place in groups of 10 people with breaks every 30 minutes. Everyone's body temperature is measured at the entrance and the use of masks is mandatory.

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Entre Bordas – Sounds that escape would start in March, but was postponed in person due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. “If the exhibition proposed silence, we were living at home that kind of silence that was caused by the pause in everyday life. We had to get in touch with our inner noises, which we often don't let escape a certain edge of everyday life. All this made the exhibition acquire another meaning”, says Paula. During this period, Sesc produced videos and content that allowed virtual contact with the exhibition (watch it by clicking here).  

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