With around 150 works produced from the 1960s to the present day, delivering, on display at Sesc Pompeia, is one of the most complete exhibitions ever held by Rio de Janeiro artist Cildo Meireles. Curated by Júlia Rebouças and Diego Matos, the show starts from the polysemic idea of ​​“meaning” and presents works in the most varied supports and scales, from large installations to small drawings.

delivering occupies more than 3.000 m2 of the unit designed by Lina Bo Bardi – from the living area to the shed and the deck – and takes its name from the installation designed by the artist in 1970 and made for the first time in 1994. ARTE!Brasileiros interviewed Cildo Meireles and the curator Júlia Rebouças on the eve of the opening of the show. Watch the video, by Coil Lopes and Marcos Grinspum Ferraz.

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