Record of performance at the exhibition
Record of performance at the exhibition "Letters to the World" at Sesc Av. Paulista. Photo: Alisson Sbrana

Those who visit Sesc Avenida Paulista on a Saturday at 10 am will see a completely different exhibition from someone who visits the same space at 18 pm. Both, however, face letters to the world, exhibition-manifesto created and curated by artist Bia Lessa. Based on the work of filmmaker Glauber Rocha, and on the contrast between dystopia and utopia, illness and cure, the show changes in the eyes of visitors, changing every hour and creating different environments.

Built as a facility, letters to the world It is structured around three films: Asphyxiation, Merchandise the common. At different times, each of the videographic segments fills the space, with different supports and works, and is permeated by sequential performances, performed by a dozen artists. In this process, we have the experience of a myriad of works by 80 artists, brought together with the special contribution of Vitor Garcez, Flora Süssekind, Ailton Krenak and Guilherme Wisnik. On Sundays, the work hits the streets of Avenida Paulista. “'I wanted/changed/everything': as in the poem by Augusto de Campos, this was the motto of this project. This is the goal of this work – the desire for awareness and change”, says Bia Lessa.

arte!brasileiros visited the exhibition and talked with the curator Bia Lessa. Watch the video:

letters to the world is on display in Sesc Avenida Paulista until May 29, 2022 and can be visited free of charge upon presentation of proof of vaccination, from Tuesday to Friday, from 12:21 to 10:18, Saturday and Sunday, from 30:19 to 20:30. Performances take place from Tuesday to Friday at 10pm and 11pm, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 15am, 12am, 30pm, 14pm, 15pm and 30pm.

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