In a game between what is visible and invisible, implicit and explicit, Absent Manifesto: seeing and imagining in contemporary art is built. On display at Sesc Mogi das Cruzes, the show kicks off the new unit's exhibition program and inaugurates a partnership between Sesc São Paulo and the city's Museum of Modern Art (MAM-SP).

Curated by Cauê Alves and Pedro Nery, respectively chief curator and museologist at MAM-SP, “the exhibition deals with the symbolic nature that a collection [of art] is capable of housing. Metalinguistic works that open access to the central problem of a museum collection, and of contemporary production itself, which is committed to diluting the boundaries of languages ​​and separation from the outside world, facing conceptual problems and the awareness of what it is to make art. Some works objectively discuss the proposed problem, highlighting precisely what is not present to the spectator, going back to what is invisible and what can be imagined”, comment the curators.

As Alves explains, Manifest absent seeks “to show how much what is there is manifested in an invisible, silent, absent way inside a work of art. Not directly, objectively or openly, but as a layer that can be unveiled”.

The exhibition brings together 35 works from the MAM-SP collection. Among drawings, installations, videos, photographs and representations we find works by artists such as Adriana Varejão, Anna Bella GeigerCarlito Carvalhosa, Collective Garapa, Efrain Almeida, Joseph Damascene, Lenora de Barros, Rivane Neuenschwander, among many others.

A arte!brasileiros visited the exhibition and talked with the curators and with the programming coordinator of Sesc Mogi das Cruzes, Leonardo Borges. Watch the video:

Manifest absent is on display in Sesc Mogi das Cruzes until February 20, 2022 and can be visited free of charge upon presentation of proof of vaccination. It is mandatory to wear a mask throughout the visit and to take the temperature of visitors at the entrance to the unit. The partnership with MAM-SP provides for an itinerancy of the exhibition, which over the next year should occupy other units of Sesc SP.

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