Works by Palatnik and Mestre Molina at Oficina Molina - Palatnik. Photo: Coil Lopes
Works by Palatnik and Mestre Molina. Photo: Coil Lopes

En poster until March 27 at Sesc Avenida Paulista, the exhibition Molina Workshop – Palatnik proposes a dialogue between the works of Abraham Palatnik (1928-2020) and Mestre Molina (1917-1998), two Brazilian artists who are connected by their attraction to movement and ingenuity. Curated by the Sesc-SP team, the exhibition highlights similarities and differences between the works of these two inventors, as stated by Danilo Santos de Miranda: “Representatives of artistic strands considered, on the one hand, as popular and, on the other, as erudite, both Molina and Palatnik occupy a prominent role in the Sesc Art Collection”. For the regional director of Sesc-SP, “if there are clear dissimilarities between their creative processes, it is clear, however, that the two artists mobilized their repertoires and cultural universes in favor of unique moto-constructive syntheses”.

Following the care and protocols due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the exhibition can be visited by appointment by the Sesc website. To talk more about the exhibition, the arte!brasileiros interviewed Lizandra Magalhães and Fabiana Delboni, assistants at the Visual Arts Management at Sesc-SP and responsible for assembling Molina Workshop – Palatnik. Watch the video:

For everyone's safety in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, body temperature is measured at the entrance and the use of masks is mandatory throughout the visit.

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