Benedito Calixto, 'Porto de Santos', 1890. PHOTO: Jorge Bastos

An idea that has been around for many years, according to curatorial assistant Guilherme Giufrida, has just taken shape and space at MASP. A loan for a limited period of time with B3, the São Paulo Stock Exchange (a joint venture between BM&FBOVESPA and Cetip) placed in the museum's collection works that will be under its care for the next 30 years. It is the third loan agreement agreed by the institution since Heitor Martins assumed its presidency in 2014.

A part of these works can be seen in an open exhibition on the 14th of June. Collection under transformation: MASP B3 lending brings together 25 works from the selection of 66 that were selected by curators Adriano Pedrosa and Olivia Ardui. The curator says that most of them come from B3's offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Over the years, all works have been catalogued, including some that were exhibited in areas intended for exhibition on the Stock Exchange and were lent to be included in exhibitions at institutions. This collection was already known by the MASP curatorship for some years. “I think B3 was also at this moment of internal transformation, with the renovation of the building. So it was the ideal context for them to also pay attention to the importance of this collection and the fact that they are not only seen by the regulars at the Stock Exchange's office”, says Guilherme.

In addition to works of art, the B3 collection has other elements such as design objects and furniture, among others. “We received the list of the collection's inventory and pointed to some lines that we would like to have”, explains Olívia. From there, they began to visit the Stock Exchange's buildings with the restoration and conservation department. Some of the works are even being restored for later exhibition.

For Guilherme, the loan “fills in important gaps for artists who already existed in the museum and introduces artists who were not included in the collection”. The initiative brought news such as Lygia Clark, Ione Saldanha and Abraham Palatnik. The lending, as a whole, brings together names and expressive works of academic, modernist and abstract art: in addition to those already mentioned, some of them are Edmund Pink, Benedito Calixto, Anita Malfatti and Emiliano Di Cavalcanti.

At this point, as Guilherme himself points out, MASP tried to maintain a certain balance between the schools, with a greater emphasis on modernism, as “it is a significant phase of Brazilian art that has some absences in the museum”, filled with the lending. However, the balance allows the public to also see exponents of abstract art, “something that is not so common in museum exhibitions, since the easels have a focus on figurative art or with a dialogue with figuration”.

The exhibition that commemorates the lending, in honor of the former directors of BM&F and BOVESPA, runs until July 29th. Despite this, there is already a work from the collection on the easels. Soon, others will also be part of the exhibition on the 2nd floor of Masp, as part of the rotation of the Collection in Transformation.


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