Collage by Sérgio Mamberti

It was between the 70's and 80's that the famous actor Sérgio Mamberti, known for his characters in cinema, TV and theater, started to take material to cut out to produce collages in the dressing rooms before the theatrical performances he performed. One day, he himself tells the ARTE!Brasileiros, the scenographer and architect Flávio Império observed him at one of these moments and insisted that he should take it further.

Mamberti is now holding, as of August 5, a solo exhibition that brings together 30 of his works at Galeria São Paulo Flutuante, a famous establishment in São Paulo that had paused its activities more than 15 years ago and announced its return at the end of last year. In addition to Sérgio's works, they are exhibited in Commander Mamberti photographs of the artist throughout his life, at the age of 80 and with a career spanning 63 years.

“It's an activity that I really appreciate. The artist always has a multiplicity of means to express himself and it is certainly one of the ways I found to express myself”, he says. In parallel with the exhibition, Sérgio performs the piece Visiting Mr. Green, at Teatro Renaissance, in São Paulo, alongside actor Ricardo Gelli.

For him, collages are also related to the way he builds his characters in the performing arts, considering the “juxtaposition of images, which in a certain way constitutes the character I am interpreting. It was from there that I encouraged myself to continue and develop this work with the collages even more”.

The first exhibition in which he participated was organized by his great supporter, Império. The happy painters of the Bladder took place at Teatro Igrejinha, in 1977, and paid homage to the popular neighborhood of São Paulo. After that, Mamberti had many exhibitions outside the São Paulo gallery circuit, such as in bars and cafes. The aim, he says, was to make the works reach places that people used to frequent.

During the years of Lula's government and at the beginning of Dilma Roussef's first term, the artist was active in the Ministry of Culture, occupying positions over the years as Secretary of Music and Performing Arts, Secretary of Identity and Cultural Diversity, Secretary of and President of the National Arts Foundation (FUNARTE). During this period, he says, production in the visual arts was interrupted for a moment, so that he could focus more on cultural management activities. To make a collage, you must have time that you can dedicate only to that, he says, but he confesses that today, when he doesn't find time to do the work, he ends up making small collages on the pages of his personal diary: “It's a way I have of relate to this universe of images within my daily life”.

Theater and politics are the most recurrent themes in Mamberti's collages, showing that it really is the activity of the artist's universe, despite being a facet unknown to many. The idea of ​​the unknown was one of the elements that caught the attention of gallery owner Regina Boni, thus giving rise to the invitation to the exhibition. Commander Mamberti runs until August 31st and opens at 19pm on the 5th.

Sérgio Mamberti: Commander Mamberti
August 5-31
São Paulo Floating Gallery: R. United States, 2186
(11) 3064-7019

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