FABIO CYPRIAN, art critic and journalist,
is director of the Faculty of Philosophy,
Communication, Letters and Arts at PUC-SP and
serves on the editorial board of arte!brasileiros.
In this issue, he writes about the
government initiatives in the universe of
arts in Ceará and criticizes the
exposure Brazilian Stories.

JOTABÊ MEDEIROS he is a reporter and writer, biographer, among others, of the singer Belchior. He was a reporter for O Estado de S.Paulo and Folha de S.Paulo, assistant editor for Veja SP, editor for TV Gazeta and Carta Capital. He is editor-in-chief of the Farofafá website. In this issue, he analyzes the collapse of culture during Bolsonaro’s administration.

LEONOR AMARANTE is a journalist, curator and editor. She worked for the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo, Veja magazine, TV Cultura and Memorial da América Latina. She received the award from the Ministry of Culture of Cuba (2009) for her cultural performance in that country. Here, she writes about the Lenora de Barros show, and a report on young artists.

MARIA HIRSZMAN is a journalist and art critic. She worked for Jornal da Tarde and O Estado de São Paulo. She is a researcher in art history, with a master's degree from USP. For this issue, Maria writes about the exhibition The Parable of Progress, on display at Sesc Pompeia.

TADEU CHIARELLI is a curator and art critic. He is a professor in the Visual Arts course at USP. He was director of the Pinacoteca de São Paulo and the USP Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC-USP). He has also served as chief curator of the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM-SP). Columnist on the website of arte!brasileiros, reviews the posthumous autobiography of Raphael Galvez.

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