Rubem Valentim, Variation 1. PHOTO: Publicity

Opened in early October at Caixa Cultural São Paulo, the exhibition “Rubem Valentim – Construção e Fé” presents around 70 works by the Bahian artist, considered one of the most important names in Brazilian concretism, until December 6th.

Painter, sculptor, printmaker and teacher, Valentim (1922-1991) worked throughout his career with elements of Afro culture, using geometric traits and strong colors to address popular traditions, the symbology of Candomblé and Umbanda.

For the exhibition's curator, Marcus Lontra, the idea is to show Valentim's combative and contesting side, also opening up a violence that remains to this day in Brazilian society.

Later this year, on November 13, MASP opens another exhibition by Valentim, entitled “Construções Afro-Atlânticas”, which will be on display until March 2019. The show brings together around 90 works produced by the artist between 1955 and 1978.

When: until December 6th
Where: Caixa Cultural - Praça da Sé, 111
Price:  Free
Classification Regular

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