Image: Bienalsur Publicity.
Image: Bienalsur Publicity.

AUntil May 27, artists and curators can submit works and/or curatorial research projects to integrate the Bienalsur – International Biennial of Southern Contemporary Art. The entire application process is free.

Bienalsur has among its purposes to contribute from the south of the world in the creation of a cultural citizenship. Its particular format and collaborative operation ensure that the art of each region is not integrated into the international scene as a mere quota of diversity, but rather that it presents itself on an equal footing based on its singularities and relative positions.

How does Open Calling work?

It is possible to apply in 4 different categories: individual artist, group artist, individual curator and group curator. For each of these categories you can make a single presentation.

The organization of the event provides a instruction manual where a step-by-step guide can be found that will guide the participant in uploading the necessary information. THE platform allows you to save and patch your applications as many times as you like before submitting them.

At the end of the registration period, the Bienalsur curatorship will evaluate the proposals that can proceed to the second stage of the selection. The passage to the second stage of the call does not automatically imply participation in Bienalsur 2023, but reflects the interest of the council in the proposal presented and the possibility of accessing the second stage of evaluation, from which the projects that will make up the fourth edition of the Biennial

Based on all the projects presented, Bienalsur's curatorial council will evaluate and seek common standards from which the curatorial axes that will cross the next edition will be traced. 

Some of the Curatorial Axes of the previous editions were: Ecological Consciousness, Ways of Living, Art Policies, Transit and Migration, Fluid Constellations, Gender Issues, Memories and Forgettings and Ways of Seeing, among others. The fact that these themes emerged from the international open calls of previous editions does not prevent them from reappearing, if this is revealed by the set of proposals collected for Bienalsur 2023.

Find out more on the Bienalsur website, click here.

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