Video scene by artist Alia Farid
Video scene by artist Alia Farid that is exhibited at the biennial. PHOTO: Disclosure

One of the most outstanding contemporary art events in the Arab world, the Sharjah Biennale is holding its 14th edition between March 7th and June 10th in the United Arab Emirates. The exhibition brings together works by more than 80 artists, most of them with unpublished works, and is divided into three parts, curated by Zoe Butt, Omar Kholeif and Claire Tancons.

titled Leaving the Echo Chamber (leaving the echo chamber), the biennial intends, according to the curators, “to explore the possibilities and purposes of producing art when news is fed by monopolized sources, history is increasingly fictionalized, ideas of “society” are invariably displaced and when boundaries and beliefs are dictated by cultural, social and political systems”.

In addition to the three exhibitions, the biennial exhibits installations and works in public places and organizes sessions of performances, cinema and music, with the aim of creating a series of provocations on “how one could renegotiate the form and function of the 'echo chamber'”. ' of contemporary life”. The event takes place in different spaces of the city of Sharjah, including historical sites. know more on the institution's website.

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