Opened on September 21 with the main exhibition hosted at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, the Curitiba Biennial enters its fourteenth edition and, over the next few months, opens a series of parallel exhibitions linked to the show. With the theme “Open Borders”, this year’s biennial will run until March 1, 2020.

In October alone, a dozen exhibitions were opened at partner institutions in Brazil, such as Nomads and Frontiersmen, Process Poem e Flowing Naturally, at the Municipal Museum of Art (MuMA), and metaphors by Leopoldino de Abreu, at the Guido Viaro Museum, in Curitiba. In Brasilia, they opened Yanbei: A Fettered Art e Buttress, at the Renato Russo Cultural Space. At the Museu da Escola Catarinense – MESC, linked to the University of the State of Santa Catarina (UDESC), the collective exhibition Rudis Materia, in Florianópolis, where there are also Intersections with the Landscape, collective video art exhibition, at the space O Sítio.

Also in the capital of Santa Catarina, this month, the exhibitions “Panoramics of Desire” take place at the Pedro Paulo Vecchietti Municipal Art Gallery; Forests by Juliana Hoffmann, at the Meyer Filho Memorial, and soulbodyearthsea, Armazém Cultural Space (Coletivo Elza).

Since May, the Curitiba Biennial has had parallel exhibitions, with others that will open in November and December. In addition to spreading exhibitions across the country, borders were opened to countries such as Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, France, Switzerland and Russia. Check all exhibitions by clicking here.

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