Bruno Dunley, The Jeca in the square

From June 18th, Unibes Cultural, an institution located in the Sumaré district, in São Paulo, will receive an exhibition called Arraial da Cidade Cordel 2×10. The title of the show refers to the event where it was presented for the first time on the 1st and 2nd of July, at the 8th edition of Arraial da Cidade, at the Jockey Club in São Paulo.

Curated by Antonio Farinaci and Maria Fernanda Monteiro de Barros, the exhibition, which runs until July 21, is divided into five groups: the fantastic, the animals, the chronicles, the tellers and the Cordéis de amor.

Artists Claudio Tozzi, Flora Rebollo, Camile Sproesser, Gokula Stoffel, Rodrigo Bueno, Eveline Sin, Carla Caffé, Bruno Dunley, Antonio Sobral and Pedro Caetano exhibit 20 pieces created from reinterpretations of images from classics of cordel literature, such as O man who climbed de airplane to the moon, work of 1923, attributed to João Martins de Athayde.

Arraial da Cidade Cordel 2×10
Cultural Unibes – Rua Oscar Freire, 2500 – Sumaré, São Paulo
Until July 21

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