Lyz Parayzo,
Lyz Parayzo, "Flag #2". Photo: Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria.

CWith a title inspired by a song by Chico Buarque against the dictatorship, the exhibition manifesto Despite you, tomorrow will be another day brings together about twenty artists mobilized to stand up against the ultra-conservative policy of President Jair Bolsonaro, which puts culture, human rights and the protection of the environment at risk. The collective will be presented until September 30 at the studio of Colombian artist Iván Argote, in Grandes Serres, in Pantin, Paris.

The participants are Brazilian artists based in France whose work is mobilized against the worrying situation in the country. Its selection was made by the Argentinean curator Sofía Lanusse, based on an initiative by Sandra Hegedüs, a Brazilian collector and patron, also founder of SAM Art Projects. despite you brings works on different platforms that cover painting, sculpture, drawing, music and performance. The exhibition displays works by the following artists: Anna Torres, Bianca Dacosta, Elian Almeida, Juliano Caldeira, Lyz Parayzo, Lucas Kröeff, Isadora Soares Belletti, Gabriel Moraes Aquino, Wagner Schwartz, Romain Vicari, Rodrigo Braga, Randolpho Lamonier, Liliane Mutti, Julio Villani, Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, Daniel Zarvos, Joanna Zimmermann and Iván Argote.

Although Chico's song echoed through the streets of Brazil in the 1970s, some aspects are current. Hegedus notes: “We are facing serious censorship issues and a list of tensions that would be too long to enumerate. I turned to Iván Argote, who is from South America and has a full understanding of all these issues that exist not only in Brazil. He had already started organizing exhibitions here and immediately welcomed this project. With Sofia as curator, we wanted to give them this space to express themselves without risk of censorship and violence, following the artistic command directed by Julio Villani at the gates of the Embassy of Brazil in Paris, on May 21, 2020, whose posters are distributed throughout the exhibition”.

Julio Villani's posters in the exhibition "Despite you, tomorrow will be another day". Photo: BZ.
Julio Villani's posters in the exhibition “Despite you, tomorrow will be another day”. Photo: BZ.

In the presentation of the exhibition, Lanusse points out that this is an “opportunity to underline the importance of creating collective spaces to discuss issues that separate us, in order to circumvent the tactics of 'divide and conquer'”. She adds: “The way we come together is defined by the way we perceive and implement our relationships and responsibilities to each other”. Finally, the curator reports that when harmful policies “harass” our society, dialogue becomes “a fundamental tool to restore trust and allow us to share our opinions. Fifty years later, the nostalgic melody 'Despite you' reminds us of a past that is once again present – ​​and which we must resist”.

Following the exhibition, this weekend (September 26th and 27th) there will be three round tables, which can be watched virtually on the Facebook page of the SAM Art Projects, check out:

Saturday (September 26) at 17pm

Political bodies and affectivity

Conversation (in English) between the exhibition's curator, Sofia Lanusse, and the artists Lyz Parayzo and Isadora Belletti.

Sunday (September 27), at 16pm

Resistance literature

With: Adriana Brandão, journalist born in Brazil, member of the editorial board of the Brazilian service of RFI and author of the book Brazilians in Paris, through the centuries and neighborhoods; Julio Bernardo Ludemir, born in Brazil, author, one of the creators of FLUP (International Literary Festival that takes place, since 2012, in the favelas of Rio) and Batalha do Passinho, musical duels to the rhythm of funk, which he accompanied in London and New York ; Leonardo Tonus, specialist in contemporary Brazilian literature; Wagner Schwartz, a visual artist born in Rio de Janeiro, who lives and works between São Paulo and Paris, is involved in several research groups and choreographic experimentation in South America and Europe.

Sunday (September 27), at 18pm

What can artists do?

With: Sandra Hegedüs, patron and collector from São Paulo, founder of SAM Art Projects and initiator of the exhibition Tomorrow will be another day; Iván Argote, a plastic artist born in Bogotá, lives and works in Paris, exhibits his films and installations in important biennials, museums and galleries around the world; Liliane Mutti, director and screenwriter from Bahia, lives in France and works in the areas of video art, video performance and fiction, dealing with themes between exile and the female gaze; Daniel Nicolaevsky Maria, dancer and visual artist, born in Rio de Janeiro, who lives and works between Paris and Rio de Janeiro, exhibits and performs in several art centers, including the Pompidou Center and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris or the Sogetsu Art Center in Tokyo.

To follow the sanitary rules, required because of the Covid-19 pandemic, people will have to book their tickets in advance and schedule their visits on the event's website ( O Mask use is mandatory, as well as respect for social distance.

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