Oskar Metsavaht, Divine Geometry X.

Anyone who thinks that the exhibition divine geometry, by Oskar Metsavaht, originally presented in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, talks only about Christ the Redeemer. It is true that the “concept” of a divine geometry fired Metsavaht's mind after an experience in which he could observe the Rio de Janeiro capital directly from the arm of the monument that is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. However, it's not just this image that the show that runs until September 1 at the Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo (MAS-SP) is limited to.

In the São Paulo version of divine geometry, artist and curator Marc Pottier take works that have not been previously exhibited at the show, whether videos, paintings or drawings. Occupying several rooms of the museum with dozens of works, the exhibition was invited by the institution's executive director, José Carlos Marçal de Barros.

It is also not right to say that Oskar started developing his artistic projects only after a residency at Instituto Inhotim in 2014. Proof of this is the video art installation that opens the exhibition. The work is from 2008, much earlier. And that goes for so many other works by the artist, which are not necessarily part of this exhibition. But it was in 2014 that the artist began to show more of his side focused on the visual arts, integrating the exhibition Made by… Made by…, which was curated by the same Pottier in Cidade Matarazzo, in São Paulo.

Coming from several other exhibitions over the last two years and having opened the OM.art gallery in Rio de Janeiro last year, where his studio also works, Metsavaht brings to the exhibition in São Paulo a matured version of his creations, which it is especially highlighted by the group of abstract paintings methodically distributed on the walls of the MAS.

The set of his works - which, according to him, is always the result of his "physical, emotional or spiritual experiences" in which he approaches the man-nature-spirituality relationship - gains elements that arouse a curiosity that stands out for evoking so many meanings through symbols that are camouflaged in brushstrokes.

This sensation is provided by the assembly of the show that goes, throughout the rooms, deconstructing the image of Christ and moving to codes that demonstrate the spirituality assimilated by the artist regardless of religions, beliefs or dogmas, making a collective and possible experience possible.



Oskar Metsavaht: Divine Geometry
Museum of Sacred Art of São Paulo: Thev. Tiradentes, 676, Sao Paulo
until September 1
(11) 3326-3336
Tue to Fri/Sun: R$ 6 | Sat: Free

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