Paulista Dance Week MASP
Ballet Folclórico da Bahia presenting Show "Sacred Heritage". Photo: Vinicius Lima / Published by MASP

Dand from January 25th to 29th, the MASP Auditorium will once again host the Paulista Dance Week. Created in 2018, it came to attract more than 2 thousand spectators in 2019, and now it reaches its third edition. This time, however, all the performances – recorded before the pandemic – will be broadcast by the MASP YouTube channel. Due to the 467th anniversary of the capital of São Paulo, last Monday (25/01), the Balé da Cidade de São Paulo was chosen to start the events. 

“The idea is to continue bringing the city closer to dance through free attractions and, this time, the agenda includes historical shows that marked the trajectory of five companies: four Brazilian and one international”, says Anzelmo Zolla, curator of the program and who also was responsible for curating the first two seasons.

In addition to the Balé da Cidade de São Paulo, mentioned above, the 2021 program includes performances by Theater Lüneburg (Germany), Quasar Cia de Dança and Studio3 Cia de Dança. The Balé Folclórico da Bahia will close.

New to this edition are the chats that always take place before the presentations. The conversations bring together artistic directors and coordinators and dancers from the groups that will perform and theater director José Possi Neto, a reference on the subject in Brazil. The topics discussed vary from the paths of the companies to the shows that will be presented and the Dance Stories at MASP, thematic axis to which the museum dedicated himself in 2020. The participants are Raymundo Costa, Olaf Schmidt, Henrique Rodovalho, William Pereira, Vavá Botelho, Erika Ishimaru, Mara Mesquita and Nildinha Fonseca.

The events always start at 19:XNUMX with chats and the shows take place afterwards. To watch, just access


Check out the festival schedule for the next few days:


Day 27 – Wednesday at 19pm

Quasar Dance Company

Chat: with the artistic director Henrique Rodovalho

Show: division (1998)

“Loneliness is the theme that serves as a guiding thread for the dramaturgy. Urban apartments, for people who are enclosed in 4 walls and who create and recreate relationships with images, objects and sounds. The show proposes a dialogue between what is real and what is virtual and asks for the participation of external agents, such as radio programming, television that tunes open channels and telephone contact with sex workers”.

Day 28 – Thursday at 19pm

Studio3 Dance Company

Chat: with scenic director William Pereira and dancer Mara Mesquita

Show: After

“The script revolves around a dance company and the events, feelings and sensations provoked after the end of the show: the process of individualization of the dancers; the collective body that dissolves into intimate scenes of memories, reflections and confrontations. A metalinguistic show where dance reflects dance itself and its performers. The presentation will have the special participation of actress and choreographer Marilena Ansaldi”.

Day 29 – Friday at 19pm

Bahian Folkloric Ballet

Chat: with artistic director Vavá Botelho and dancer and choreographer Nildinha Fonseca

Shows: Bolero, 2-3-8 e Okan


“Merger of Bolero, by Maurice Ravel, to the African rhythms that set the tone of the company's movements. This show was created two years ago to celebrate the company's 30 years of existence”.


“Slim Melo, a former dancer of the company, proposes a choreography that refers to his affective memory when he lived in Cidade Baixa, in Salvador. He wants to celebrate the life, colors, textures and aromas of his homeland, evoking street movements with his spontaneity, technique and simplicity.” 


“Nildinha Fonseca, first dancer of the Balé Folclórico da Bahia, signs this new choreography that brings elements of African matrix added to femininity. The show encompasses several artistic languages ​​such as theater, dance and music that together will lead the audience on a tour of the feminine universe”.


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