"Titane" by Julia Ducournau. Photo: Disclosure.

The Festival Varilux of French Cinema continues until Wednesday, December 8th, including 50 Brazilian cities on its tour. A special place for the exhibition will be the Varilux tent in Parque Lage, with an outdoor projection, which is the only place where it will be possible to watch Titanium, by Julia Ducournau, winner of the Palme d'Or at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. For the screening of the feature, on Saturday 4th at 22:25 pm, tickets can be purchased at the tent box office or in advance on the festival's website (click here).

In the Varilux Festival 2021 program – considered the most consolidated event in movies French people outside France – there is a variety of genres, from drama to comedy, from animation to documentary, as well as the screening of two classics and a special exhibition in honor of actor Jena Paul-Belmondo, who died in September this year.

A arte!brasileiros highlights some works not to be missed. Check out our list:

Still from "Crossing". Photo: Publicity Varilux Festival.
Still from “Travessia”. Photo: Disclosure.

The Crossing
Director: Florence Miailhe

Synopsis: A looted village, a family on the run and two children lost on the paths of exile… Kyona and Adriel try to escape those who are chasing them to reach a country with a more lenient regime. During a journey that will take them from childhood to adolescence, they will go through many trials wrapped in a mix of fantasy and reality to reach their destination.

Sessions available: click here.

Still from "While I Live". Photo: Disclosure.
Still from "While I Live". Photo: Disclosure.

while I live
Director: Emmanuelle Bercot

Synopsis: A man doomed too soon by an illness. The suffering of a mother in the face of the unacceptable. The dedication of a doctor and a nurse to accompany them on an impossible path. Over the course of four seasons of a year, they will have to deal with the disease, tame it, and understand what it means to die while you live.

Sessions available: click here.

Still from "Paris, 13th District". Photo: Publicity Varilux Festival.
Still from “Paris, 13th District”. Photo: Disclosure.

Paris, 13th District
Director: Jacques Audiard

Synopsis: Paris, 13th arrondissement, Olympiades district. Emilie meets Camille, who is attracted to Nora, who ends up crossing paths with Amber. Three girls and one boy. They are friends, sometimes lovers, often both.

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Still from "The Things of Life". Photo: Disclosure.
Still from "The Things of Life". Photo: Disclosure.

The Things of Life
Director: Claude Sauted

Synopsis: Pierre (Michel Piccoli), an architect in his 40s, is in a serious car accident. Thrown out of his vehicle, in a coma on the side of the road, he has flashbacks to the past and the two women in his life: ex-wife Catherine (Léa Massari), with whom he has a child, and Hélène (Romy Schneider). , with whom he has a troubled relationship.

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Photo of the cast of "It's Alright". Photo: Publicity Varilux Festival.
Photo of the cast of "It's Alright". Photo: Disclosure.

It's all right
Director: Francois Ozon

Synopsis: Emmanuèle, a novelist accomplished in her private and professional life, goes to the hospital where her father, André, has just suffered a stroke. Fantasque, in love with life but tired, asks his daughter to help him end it. With the help of her sister Pascale, she will have to choose: accept her father's will or convince him to change his mind.

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