Josely Carvalho, diptych O Childbirth, 1981



Josely Carvalho, diptych O Childbirth, 1981
Radical women: Latin American art, 1960-1985, collective exhibition at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo, opening on 18/8
The exhibition is curated by the Venezuelan historian Cecilia Fajardo-Hill and the Argentinean researcher Andrea Giunta and is the first in history to bring to the public a significant mapping of experimental artistic practices carried out by Latin artists and their influence on international production. Fifteen countries will be represented by 120 artists, bringing together more than 280 works in photography, video, painting and other media. The presentation in São Paulo has the collaboration of Valéria Piccoli, chief curator of the Pinacoteca.

Paulo Ito, 'Fake News', 2017
Stories (un)told, press conference at Sesc Santana, opening on 23/8
The works question the veracity of discourses considered to be impartial in times when the place of speech, fake news and post-truth are discussed. The exhibition consists of four modules: north of the river, installation by Jaime Lauriano; Art Book, with original works from the homonymous publication by Bruno Moreschi; Occupations - Culture and Struggle, with photographs by Miguel Salvatore, Ana Luisa Seco, Marcio Ramos and Mildo Ferreira; and Fake news, with graffiti by Enivo, Paulo Ito and Quinho.

Bob Wolfenson, 'Rita Lee', 1976
Bob Wolfenson: Portraits, solo show at Espaço Cultural Porto Seguro, opening on 23/8
One of the national references as a portraitist, nude and fashion photographer, Bob Wolfenson moves with the same dexterity between advertising and art. Throughout his nearly 50-year career, he is responsible for some of the most striking portraits of recent Brazilian iconography.

Irving Penn, 'Pablo Picasso in La Californie', 1957
Irving Penn: centenary, solo show at Instituto Moreira Salles, opening on 21/8

The retrospective in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the American photographer Irving Penn will present, in galleries 2 and 3 of IMS Paulista, more than 230 photographs conceived over almost 70 years of career, in addition to around 20 periodicals. His couture photographs, early works in New York, South America and Mexico, portraits of indigenous peoples of Cuzco, Peru, and portraits of figures such as Truman Capote, Picasso and Joan Didion will be on display.

Alisson Louback, 'Sumo'
DŌ: on the way to virtue, press conference at Japan House, opening on 21/8
Through the Budo philosophy, a term that refers to the martial arts and has its origin in the ancient tradition of Bushido – or 'the way of the warrior' -, the stories and curiosities of these six sports will be presented, highlighting characteristics common to all, such as discipline and personal and spiritual growth.


Alex dos Santos, “Violence Against Women”, 2018

Bienal Naïfs do Brasil – What escapes, biennial at Sesc Piracicaba, until 25/11

Curated by Armando Queiroz, Juliana Okuda Campaneli and Ricardo Resende, the exhibition features embroidery, drawings, sculptures, prints, paintings, videos, among other techniques, produced by 120 selected and invited artists from 21 states in the country, plus the Federal District. Among the 107 selected, 4 artists receive the “Highlight-Acquisition” award and their works become part of the Sesc Collection of Brazilian Art, 5 are awarded in the “Incentive” category, in addition to 4 “Special Mentions”, with the award jury being composed by Armando Queiroz, Fabiana Delboni and Moacir dos Anjos.


Milton Dacosta, Cliclis, 1941
Milton Dacosta: the color of silence, solo show at Galeria Almeida e Dale, opening on 18/8
Curated by Denise Mattar, the show brings together 54 works by the artist, made from the 1930s to the end of his life, in the 1980s. Along this path, Dacosta was not limited by any school, assuming different influences. “Without giving importance to praise or criticism, the artist always followed the path that interested him, from impressionist figuration to metaphysics, from cubism to the symmetry of light and from concrete form to the sensuality of the curve”, points out the curator.

Santídio Pereira, Untitled
Santídio Pereira: A look from memory, solo show at Galeria Estação, opening on 23/8
Curated by Luisa Duarte, (…) the artist exhibits 14 unpublished woodcuts, made between 2017 and 2018. As Duarte points out, the set of works gathered mostly presents images of birds from the Piauí caatinga, a region in which the artist lived to 8 years of age. “These are large-scale prints, in which overlays of colors and shapes make us see caburés, garrinchas, lambus, juritis – different species of birds that inhabit their homeland. In the midst of this fauna, other engravings, of a less figurative character, subtly allude to plants from the local landscape”. 

Wesley Duke Lee, Jean Harlow, 3 from the series “Jean Harlow – The Zone: Life and Death” (1967)

Wesley Duke Lee: Jean Harlow – The Zone: Life and Death, solo show at Galeria Luisa Strina, opening 21/8

Impressed by a magazine found in Los Angeles with numerous photos of Jean Harlow – Hollywood myth and sex symbol of the 30s – Wesley learns about the double life of the actress, who frequented the red-light districts of San Diego incognito. This story of eroticism and death sensitizes Duke Lee, above all because of the paradox of the Babylonian whore as opposed to the goddess of love projected by his films.

Claudio Tobinaga, Machine, 2018

Claudio Tobinaga: Collapses, solo show at the Simone Cardinelli gallery, until 3/10

Curated by Cezar Bartholomeu, the exhibition brings together around 30 paintings in small and large formats, inspired by photographs collected from the internet and based on the carioca suburb. In this scenario, the photos become a mise-en-scène, exploring an almost cinematic narrative. The atmosphere of the ordinary takes on the contours of a cheap existentialism, with a surface that seduces and at the same time deceives. The images gain a new meaning open to different interpretations, with a very pop outfit.


Fabiano Rodrigues, 'Untitled', Jamaica series, 2015/2018. At the Emmathomas gallery stand.
SP-Arte/PHOTO/2018, photography fair at Shopping JK Iguatemi, from August 22nd to 26th
In addition to bringing together important galleries and photographers from Brazil and the world, the Fair provides the public with an immersion in the universe of photography. With the aim of strengthening the bonds between the works exhibited and the visitors, as well as facilitating the journey through the space, the SP-Art/Foto/2018 will feature a program that includes guided tours, book launches and a series of lectures, the Talks.

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