Ernesto de Sousa, frame from 'Happy People', 1969

FUSO: Lisbon International Video Art Annual, press conference at Galpão VB, on 15/9.

Always at the end of August, with free admission, FUSO welcomes the Portuguese summer nights with video works that cross the visual arts, performance, cinema, literature and digital media, proposing a new opening to the image in 21st century movement.

At Galpão VB, two programs derived from the show will be shown. The first, curated by Marta Mestre, focuses on contemporary Portuguese production and presents a selection of award-winning works in its different editions. The second program, curated by Isabel Alves, features three historical works by Ernesto de Sousa, an unavoidable author in audiovisual production in Portugal.

Maíra Dietrich, 'Mirage', 2017

Maíra Dietrich: Peripheral Vision, solo show at Paço das Artes, opening on 18/9.

A member of the Paço das Artes Project Season, the exhibition consists of three works: the sound piece that gives the show its name, composed of five synchronized speakers; “papelzinho”, a slide projection with images of work processes carried out from 2008 to 2018; and the work “Ptit Poema”, which are short notes made directly on the space. According to the artist, “peripheral vision is the name given to all visual perception that occurs outside the eye’s focus, non-central vision, the ability to perceive what is around the scope, an exercise in understanding and placing oneself in relation to the context around us”. It is also a term adopted by the artist to define her work methodology, which consists of relating what is seen and heard in different
time spaces.

Millôr Fernandesm Drawing for publication in IstoÉ, 15.08.1990. IMAGE: Millôr Fernandes Collection / IMS

Millôr: Graphic Work, individual at IMS Paulista, opening on 18/9.

The exhibition divides Millôr's graphic work into five large sets, from self-portraits to the relentless critique of Brazilian life, passing through human relationships, the pleasure of drawing and the immense and important production of "Pif-Paf", a section he kept in the magazine O Cruise between 1945 and 1963. Millôr's collection, which includes more than six thousand drawings and his personal archive, has been under the custody of Instituto Moreira Salles since 2013.

Leila South of the Future #1, 2018

Leila Danziger: South of the Future, solo show at the Lasar Segall Museum, opening on 15/9.

What Leila Danziger proposes in her research as a visual artist and poet is an invitation to a skeptical look, the result of the historical traumas that bring us to the present. To achieve this, we need to have one foot in the here (present) and the other in the there (past).

The narratives about the migration process not only of his family, but of thousands of German Jews who saw Brazil as a territory for a new beginning, are central to this exhibition.

Project by Paulo Mendes da Rocha exposed during the occupation. PHOTO: Rovena Rosa/Ag. Brazil.

Occupation Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Itaú Cultural de São Paulo, until 14/11

Curated by the architect Guilherme Wisnik and the institute, the exhibition brings together sketches, photographs, models, critical texts and testimonies by Mendes da Rocha that expose his work and his creative perspectives. The theme that guides the exhibition is water, an element that crosses the work of the urbanist and teacher in several ways: from the imaginary of rivers and seas to the proposal of a river system for Latin America, passing through the pool as an ideal space public.

C+P Architecture; Rodrigo Calvino and Diego Portas, Hostel Villa 25, second place winner. PHOTO: Federico Cairoli.

Tomie Ohtake AkzoNobel Institute Architecture Prize, collective at Instituto Tomie Ohtake, until September 23.

The selection of projects was made by a jury formed by the architects Adriana Benguela, Fábio Mariz Gonçalves, José Lira, Marcos Boldarini and Priscyla Gomes. The 13 finalist projects, selected among the 244 entries, from 17 Brazilian states and the Federal District, are part of the exhibition.

Jaime Lauriano, 'Combate #1', 2017. PHOTO: Filipe Berndt

Who doesn't fight is dead, collective exhibition at the Museu de Arte do Rio, opening on 15/9.

Signed by Moacir dos Anjos, one of the most important curators in the country, who has worked at the São Paulo and Venice Biennials, the show is part of the institution's 5th anniversary celebration program.
Without intending to present a conclusive panorama, the exhibition brings examples of the utopian thinking that characterizes recent Brazilian art. Artistic works made in past moments will also be present, in addition to proposals and actions carried out by community groups, associations and other articulations of civil society that aim to build structures for political and social action.

Raffaello Sanzio, Scuola di Atene, 1508-11

Raphael and the Definition of Beauty: From Divine Proportion to Grace, collective at Centro Cultural FIESP, opening on 18/9.

Curated by Elisa Byington and produced by Base7 Projetos Culturais, the show anticipates the celebrations that mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Rafael, in 2020. The exhibition features works by great Renaissance masters from various Italian collections such as National Gallery of Umbria and Modena, the Galleria Borghese and the Palazzo Barberini of rome, the Holy House and the Treasure Museum of Loreto, and the National Museum of Capodimonti from Naples. It also has unpublished works from the Yunes collection, from São Paulo, from Fundação Eva Klabin, from Rio de Janeiro, and a set of more than 50 prints produced in the studio of Rafael and his disciples that today is part of the collection of the Fundação Biblioteca Nacional do Rio de Janeiro.

Lawrence Weiner, 'Deep Blue Sky', 2007.

Tasks infinite, press conference at Sesc Pompéia, until 30/09

The exhibition has already toured Europe and arrived in Brazil in August, at the Sesc Research and Training Center and at the Biblioteca Brasiliana Guita e José Mindlin. Exhibition, Debate Forum and mediated visits with special guests make up the program.

The exhibition concept Infinite Tasks “when art and the book are unlimited”, originally carried out in Lisbon at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, is guided by the presentation of the book as a laboratory for aesthetic experiences, a medium that opens up infinite possibilities to art, in addition to questioning the definition and function of the a priori book.


Yuri Firmeza. White Gold, Inferno Verde #1, 2018

With the air too heavy to breathe, collective exhibition at Galeria Athena, opening on 20/09

Collective curated by Lisette Lagnado brings together works by André Griffo, Anna Bella Geiger, Antonio Dias, Antonio Manuel, Artur Barrio, Franz Weissmann, Igor Vidor, Iole de Freitas, Lais Myrrha, Laura Belém, Leonilson, Leticia Parente | Matheus Rocha Pitta, Rubens Gerchman.

Delson Uchôa, Fiacão, 2009

Delson Uchôa: Autophagy, Corruption in the Gaze, solo show at Zipper Galeria, opening on 20/9.

In the works gathered in this selection, it is possible to identify some of the artist's starting points: patterns, geometric shapes and recurring tones in the production of Delson in the 1980s. The variety of materials is also present – ​​canvas, wool, cotton, suede, wood, plastic and metal are mixed with acrylic painting as testimonies of an object archive gathered by the artist.

Rubens Azevedo, Untitled

Big names, small formats, collective exhibition at the MAPA gallery, opening on 18/9.

“The petit format is a classic in other cultures, it is the fastest and most concise way to seduce the viewer, with mastery and versatility. This exhibition shows how artists from different times, and whom we promote, admire, and/or pursue, work on this specific issue.”, writes curator João Pedrosa.


Lourival Cuquinha | Apocalypse Policy, 2018

Lourival Cuquinha: I take care of my communists, solo show at OMA Galeria, until 28/10.

work of strong political and social criticism, Cuquinha discusses in his poetics the freedom of the individual in the face of the social environment and capital, thus questioning even the practice of the art market, having a transgressive work the artist takes a provocative position in front of a system driven by economic power.


Regina Parra, exhibition simulation of the work É Muito Continuar

8th 3M Art Exhibition, collective at Largo da Batata, opening on 15/8.

The open-air exhibition seeks the artistic appreciation of the work belonging to a consistent project that has been carried out for eight years and has already presented renowned national and international artists: Guto Lacaz, Giselle Beiguelman, Paulo Bruscky, Nicola Constantino and Bill Viola.

Work by Bruno Novaes at the show

Triplex for rent, in the Maria Paula Building, Sé, until 27/10

Curated by Márcio Harum, the show features works that will be exhibited on the three floors of the address, such as sculptures, collages, drawings, installation, photographs, objects and a performing-scenic work. The program is open to the public and includes artistic and educational workshops aimed at training young people and adults, speeches, debates, mediated visits with specialists in the field of art, etc.

The project brings together members of Grupo Aluga-se plus guests in a triplex in downtown São Paulo. Curated by Márcio Harum, the works cover issues of memory and politics. Yara Dewachter, Evandro Prado, Giba Gomes, José Rufino, Laerte Ramos, Zé Carlos Garcia and others participate.

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