Regina Silveira, project for the work 'Infinities'

Regina Silveira: Exit, exhibition at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and Ecology (MuBE), opening on 11/8

Curated by Cauê Alves, the exhibition brings together several works that relate to the notion of labyrinth, approached by Regina Silveira in her work from the early 1970s to her recent production. […] Exit, by Regina Silveira, does not propose to point out solutions to the difficulties and enigmas that labyrinths presuppose. It is an invitation for everyone to get lost inside the artist's works.

Estela Sokol, Untitled (Greta Garbo)

3rd URBE: Public Art Exhibition, collective at Largo da Batata, until 19/8

Largo da Batata is occupied by works by Estela Sokol, LiveNoiseTupi and OPAVIVARÁ!, curated by Felipe Brait and Reinaldo Botelho. The show goes into its third edition with the aim of investigating and activating the public space through artistic practices that assimilate the fusion between work and place with temporary interventions, creating a path guided by the interest of the spectator. During the show's program, in addition to the works, there are workshops, conversations and walks with artists, curators and guests, which take place at Instituto Tomie Ohtake.

Rodrigo Cass, 'Minima Histories'

Rodrigo Cass: Spiritual-Living-Breathe, exhibition at the Galpão da Fortes D'aloia and Gabriel, opening on 11/8.

Rodrigo Cass relates his interest in philosophy and art history to his own spirituality. The video and the paintings that are part of the show maintain a sculptural quality where concrete is the synthesis of his artistic thinking: an element spiritual, living, and that breathe. For the artist, breathing is at the bottom of all experience. “Everything that lives breathes. And breathing is the action of the spirit.”

Jordi Burch, 'Untitled', 2017

Jordi Burch: Scoop, solo show at Galeria Janaina Torres, opening on 16/8

Curated by Marta Mestre, the show brings together 14 photographs and 1 video, the result of an ongoing research project by the artist. In it, he explores the multiple possibilities of photographic practice, often turning to the process of photographing and to the subject itself, without necessarily sticking to specific ends and objects.

Lucas Simões, 'You lose your shape in silence', 2018

Lucas Simões: Hangover, individual in Casa Triângulo, opening on 11/8.

The show features a large installation made up of 52 metal panels articulated together. The 65 meters in length of this work are equivalent to the extension of the boundary between the Casa Triângulo land and the public space. The installation is an invitation to visitors to reconfigure the gallery space, generating new paths and diverse spatialities. parallel to installation a new series of sculptures entitled “you text nothing like you look” will be presented. 

Rodrigo Sassi, “Walk the Line” Series, 2016

Rodrigo Sassi: Corners that cross me, solo show at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in SP, opening on 11/8.

Curated by Mario Gioia, it houses a large central installation (body accommodated, 2018), in wood and concrete, built from the molds of reinforced concrete forms. In the circular route proposed by the exhibition space itself are the smaller wall sculptures, produced in wood, concrete and metal (series Walk the line e baskets, and the works Any day of the week is springbe reactive eSpyro Gyro); in addition to a series of five woodcuts on paper, made from matrices equally originating from the remains of urban buildings.

Lenora de Barros, 'In the Country of the Great Language, Give Meat to Whoever Wants Meat', 1998

Lenora de Barros: Only Languages, individual in the annex of Galeria Millan, opening on 14/8

The exhibition takes place on the occasion of the collective “Mulheres Radicais: Arte Latino-americana 1960-1985”, which opens at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo on 18/08 and in which the artist participates with the photo-performance “Poema” (1979) and the video “Homage to George Segal” (1985).

Luiz Zerbini, 'Cor', 2018

Color Compliments, collective exhibition at Carbono Galeria, opening on 11/8

“Almost all the artists in this exhibition are painters. The proposal, however, was that they think about the use of color outside the limits of the painting: brushes, palette and linen. Thus, works in engraving, photography, objects and digital devices were called upon to elucidate, primarily, the distinction of color as a matter of language, as a state of vibration of the visible and the anima of the images”, says curator Ligia Canongia.

André Rigatti: Sun and Fog, solo show at Galeria Virgilio, opening on 11/8

The exhibition's title suggests a look at the ethereal, aerial views or eventual landscapes. It can be seen that in the large-format paintings, gray tones dominate the pictorial field, covering a series of mistakes and successes from previous plans composed of serigraphic prints, splashes and smeared lines. They appear to the viewer's eye through indentations, fissures, gaps or crevices created in the surface. In the paintings on paper, the cutouts suggest horizon lines extolling possible sunny and desert landscapes.


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