Neide Sá, The Rope, 1967

Vehicle Art, press conference at Sesc Pompéia, opening 28/8

The group exhibition highlights the use of Brazilian mass media as a space for artistic intervention. Curated by Ana Maria Maia, the show is the result of research started with the Funarte Scholarship to Encourage Visual Arts and brings together 47 artists and groups studied by her. On August 28, during the opening, there will be the performances A Corda, at 20 pm, and Vera Verão, at 21 pm.

Minerva Cuevas, Dissidencia v. 2.0, 2008-2010

Minnerva Cuevas: Dissent, solo show at Videobrasil, opening on 30/8

In partnership with the Mexican Kurimanzutto Gallery, the show bets on the marriage of art and activism, at a time marked by changes in legislation regarding the use of pesticides, deforestation of the Amazon and the demarcation of indigenous lands in Brazil.

With an artistic production marked by the use of humor and irony in approaching political and ecological themes, “Dissidência” brings together seven seven video works and a slideshow. There is a significant cut and demarcation of opposition and active contestation, as explained by Gabriel Bogossian, curator alongside Solange Farkas.

German Lorca, Oca, Ibirapuera Park (Ibirapuera Park), 1954. Courtesy of Galeria Utopica.

German Lorca: Mosaic of Time, solo show at Itaú Cultural, opening on 25/8

One of the pioneers of modern Brazilian photography wins a retrospective that marks 70 years of his career through his works. Curated by Rubens Fernando Jr. and assistance from José Henrique Lorca, the exhibition features his most iconic photographs and also presents the transition between his different facets of acting. In addition, family portraits, the first photograph taken by Lorca, self-portraits, medals, certificates, trophies and even records that other photographers made of the artist embody the retrospective.


Romy Pocztaruk, Bombrasil 3, 2018

Romy Pocztaruk: BOMBRASIL, individual at Zipper, until 15/9

The artist brings simulations, reflecting on the position from which she interacts with different places and the relationships between multiple fields and disciplines with art. Several times awarded, Romy's work is present in collections such as the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo and the Museu de Arte do Rio.

Berna Reale, Baptized Food, 2018

Berna Reale: Gluttony, solo show at Galeria Nara Roesler, in SP, opening on 25/8

Berna Reale's first exhibition at the gallery comprises six photographic series and an installation. In it, the artist maintains “the same axis of questioning, changed direction, became less explicit, less literal, requiring the viewer to decipher more subtle signs”.

Eugenio Dittborn, Nueve Sobrevivientes III (Feathers), 1943

Conceptual Strategies, press conference at Bergamin & Gomide, opening on 25/8

Conceptual Strategies is an insertion experiment that brings together more than 40 artists and twice as many works. The exhibition proposes excess, which contaminates objects that today tend to be transformed into widely circulated goods. Through the presentation of production and dissemination strategies, sometimes ideologically distinct, the result of the confrontation with the context of the exhibition space of a commercial art gallery at the beginning of the XNUMXst century is obtained.

Antonio Dias, Labor Berlin, 1989

Antonio Dias: 1980-1989, solo at Auroras, opening on 25/8

For the space, “Antonio Dias' production during the 1980s is marked by a compilation of gestures and symbols and by the artist's interest in experimenting with organic pictorial materials. Using canvas and newspaper sheets as support, Dias builds these works between constructive experiences and the arte povera, proposing something that overflows the logical demonstrations, with a certain thickness and tactile appeal of painting”.

Artur Lescher, Aniltak, 2018

Arthur Lescher, solo show at Galeira Nara Roesler, opening on 25/8

The exhibition at Galeria Nara Roesler SP will feature text by Juliano Pessanha, guest author of Flip 2018 and winner of the APCA award for the book Transient Witness (Cosac Naify, 2015).

For more than thirty years, Lescher has presented a solid work as a sculptor, the result of a research around the articulation of materials, thoughts and forms. In this sense, the artist has in the singular, uninterrupted and precise dialogue with the architectural space and design, and in the choice of materials, which include metal, stone, wood, felt, salts, brass and copper, fundamental elements to reinforce the potency. of this speech.

Yan Xing, The Aesthetics of Resistance, 2015

Yan Xing: Opfer, individual at Galeria Jaqueline Martins, openedit was on 25/8

Two conceptually related installations explore themes such as negativity, destruction, resistance and order, as well as their possible connections. Opfer, which means "victim" in German, pays tribute to Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky's latest film, "The Sacrifice". Through intense strategies, the exhibition critically explores the fabrication of narratives in art, literature, film and critical theories.

Maria Laet, Dobra, 2015,

Maria Laet: Poro, solo show at Galeria Marília Razuk, opening on 27/8

Smooth, silent and pendulous. Without origin or destination, like a body that
exists by itself, Maria Laet's work reverberates the essentialism of
matter. Almost instinctively, the artist sticks to the details that
go unnoticed by hasty looks and builds interventions
poetic, in which it reflects time and subtly questions limits. Here's the line leading to Poro.

Andre Komatsu, 'Social Agreement', 2018

Andre Komatsu: Dark Star, individual in Galeria Vermelho, opening on 25/8

The artist brings his sixth exhibition to Galeria Vermelho: Dark Star. There is a highlight of characters and qualities that are commonly marginalized in everyday life. Through new drawings, sculptures, paintings, assemblages and installations, Komatsu speaks of a Brazil and a world built by the worker and a culture of empty trends and doctrines. In addition, the retreat in security devices – from homes with walls to the journalistic literature that follows, the ethical deviations that accompany the historical, political and artistic trends that shape Latin America are addressed.

Iran do Espírito Santo, 'UHT 4', 2018

Iran do Espírito Santo & Fred Sandback, duet at Carpintaria, in RJ, opening on 25/8

The duet, performed in conjunction with Fred Sandback Estate and David Zwirner Gallery, underlines the creative affinities of the duo's vast artistic productions, even though their trajectories are separated by generational intervals and geographical distances.


The 20th edition of the fair will have dozens of exhibitors. PHOTO: Julia Moraes / Publicity

20th Tijuana Fairat Casa do Povo, on 25/8 and 26/8

Feira Tijuana de Arte Impressa is the first fair for publications and artist books organized in Brazil. Since 2009, it has been compiling the presentation, distribution and marketing of publications, artists' books, prints, posters, etc.
Since then, the Fair has specialized in connecting publishers in Latin America and, since 2016, it has become itinerant, having editions in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Lima and Buenos Aires.





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