Paulo Pasta, 'Untitled', 2014

Paulo Pasta: Project and Destiny, solo show at Tomie Ohtake, in São Paulo, from 24/3

In this solo show by Paulo Pasta, Instituto Tomie Ohtake curator Paulo Miyada selected thirteen paintings produced in the last thirteen years that reflect the pictorial arsenal of the celebrated São Paulo artist. Projeto e Destino is the first exhibition that brings together a set of his paintings of almost architectural dimensions. On the 24th, it also opens If heaven was that good, exposure of Cecily brown formed by a set of works from the last decade of his career.

Cecily Brown, 'Paradise (to go)', 2015

Thiago Rocha Pitta, 'Marina with cyanobacteria', 2017

Thiago Rocha Pitta: The first green, solo show at Galeria Millan, opening on 24/3.

The show marks a new chapter in his meticulous investigation of the environment, as he delves deeper into the origin and evolution of the planet through a range of works – mostly frescoes, as well as an installation, a sculpture, a watercolor and a video – conceived between 2017 and 2018. Millan also opens an exhibition by Paulo Pasta on the 24th.

Antonio Malta Campos, Black, 2018

Antonio Malta Campos, solo show at Galeria Leme, until 12/5

For this exhibition Antonio Malta Campos conceives his paintings not only thinking about the internal compositions of each work but also the relationship they establish with each other. The figure-background logic present in each of his canvases is reflected on the macro-scale of the exhibition, where each of the works is carefully designed and positioned to be seen in relation to the others and in order to establish a deep dialogue, compositional and chromatic. The artist expands his compositional logic beyond the limits of the canvas, applying and enhancing it in the entirety of the exhibition.

Abraham Palatnik, 'Untitled', 2018

5 years, collective exhibition at Carbono Galeria, opening on 26/3

Celebrating five years of its existence, Carbono opens an exhibition with a clipping of its collection, which has more than 200 exclusive editions. On this day, it will also launch a commemorative edition signed by Abraham Palatnik, made exclusively for the gallery.

Exhibition is part of the Feira Plana program.

germ, collective at Galeria Jaqueline Martins, opening on 27/3

Germen is a setting where publications by Ediciones Popolet, publisher of artists Ignacio and Martin, can be presented and extended into generative projects instead of just static books. Germen is presented as an open space for participation, interaction and dialogue. It is also a platform for contemplation that starts from the space of publication to go beyond and think about how we inhabit books, inside and outside of them.

Jonas Barros, series 'Experiments for cattle', 2015

dialects 2, collective at Centro Cultural São Paulo, until 6/5

The exhibition Dialetos 2 brings together 20 young contemporary artists from the Central Plateau scene. It will present a clipping with a diversified and pluralistic vision of artists from the state of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Distrito Federal and Goiás. This edition, like the first one, held in 2012, is not intended to present a totalizing view of current emerging production; it was restricted, therefore, to the selection of works by some young people from the Midwest who have stood out in regional and national exhibitions and in mapping mechanisms, such as the art salons in Anápolis, Jataí, Campo Grande, Cuiabá and Brasília.

Ana Luiza Dias Batista: Common Ground, solo show at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo, from 24/3

In her production, Ana Dias Batista frequently explores everyday objects, often changing their scale and function. The exhibition of these works also emphasizes the Pinacoteca's effort to promote dialogue between contemporary art and art history. Also on the 24th, the exhibitions by Rosângela Rennó and José Antonio da Silva will open, in addition to the Colonial Art in the Nemirovsky Foundation Collection.


Julio Le Parc, 'Sphère bleue', 2001 / 2013

art basel hong kong, international art fair, from 27 to 31/3

The art fair that serves as a lighthouse in the Asian world is having a great success after its resurgence five years ago. This year, four Brazilian galleries will be present in Hong Kong. They are Bergamin & Gomide, Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel, Mendes Wood DM and Nara Roesler.

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