Luis Roque, Descriptive Geometry, 2012, video installation at the Mitomotim show

Delirium Places, collective at Sesc Pompeia, until 01/7

Conceived by Paulo Herkenhoff and curated by Tânia Rivera, it presents around 150 works – including installations, maps, performances, paintings and objects – by various artists, such as Cildo Meireles, Laura Lima, Anna Maria Maiolino, Arthur Bispo do Rosário, Fernand Deligny, Lygia Clark, Raphael Domingues, Gustavo Speridião, Fernando Diniz, Cláudio Paiva, Geraldo Lúcio Aragão and others. It is a political, ethical and aesthetic reflection on madness and art.

Geraldo de Barros, 'They are kissing negative', 1964

Between Construction and Appropriation, collective at Sesc Pinheiros, until 03/6.

Curated by João Bandeira, it presents the production of Antonio Dias, Geraldo de Barros and Rubens Gerchman, in the turbulent 1960s, in works that articulate the legacy of constructive art in the country and appropriate elements of the cultural industry and urban popular culture, highlighting aspects technical, aesthetic and their social implications.

Mestre Didi, 'Ejo Lorum Keta', 60's. | Frans Krajcberg, 'Shadow V'.

a Deoscoredes, solo show at the Afro Brasil Museum, from 21/4.

The exposure Um Deoscóredes – 100 years of Alapini Deoscóredes Maximiliano dos Santos: Art and Religiosity is a tribute to the centenary of the birth of Mestre Didi (1917-2013), Alapini of Ilê Asipa and son of Mãe Senhora (1890-1967) – iyalorixá of Ilê Axé Opô Afonjá. The exhibition celebrates the artist's inexhaustible work and traditional and powerful sculptures, produced with natural materials such as whelks, seeds, leather, ribs and palm leaves.

Didi is also the subject of an exhibition at the Almeida e Dale gallery, with Mo Ki Gbogbo In – I salute you all, until 26/5. The Afro Museum opens four more exhibitions on the 21/4th, they are: A Frans, nature – Exhibition in memory of Krajcberg: Sculptures, reliefs and photographs; The Africans – The European look at contemporary photography; Contemporary Africa and Africa and the presence of spirits. All of them, including One Deoscoredes, are curated by Emanoel Araújo.

Luiz Roque, 'Descriptive Geometry', 2012, video installation

MythRiot, collective at Videobrasil, until 28/7.

Based on extensive research in the Videobrasil Historical Collection, the exhibition MythRiot curated by Júlia Rebouças and seeks to reflect on the representation of national identity and the ability of art to oppose established orders.

The curatorship uses the ideas of myth and riot, articulated as a palindrome in the title of the show, to debate the modes and possibilities of insurgency in the face of scenarios of social instability and to reflect on Brazil at the present time. From a two-way reading, it is as if the idea of ​​riot in art, or through it, were challenged as a mythology, while the riot of myths is proposed, or the deconstruction of our country's ideology.

Abraham Palatnik, 'W', 2018

Abraham Palatnik: On the Move, individual at Nara Roesler in Rio de Janeiro, from 24/4

The exhibition demonstrates the full vigor of the world-renowned master of movement and light, presenting as its central work an unprecedented Kinetic Object in large dimensions (205 x 226 x 40 cm), created in 2018. The featured work symbolizes the continuity of a extensive research to which the artist dedicates himself throughout his career, becoming, after fair historical revisionism, a reference in the field of kinetic and optical art.

This exhibition by Palatnik brings together other works also from his most recent production: reliefs on acrylic, on wood, from the W series, and on cardboard, which started to receive a layer of spray paint on the surface. They are two-dimensional pieces that achieve depth and dynamism due to the composition of rhythmic patterns, through sequential cuts, which refer to waves of irregular character, formal characteristics that connect to the genealogy of Palatnik's production from the 1960s.

Luiz Hermano, 'Dobrada', 2016

Trapeze: Luiz Hermano, individual at Sesc Santo Amaro, from 21/4.


The artist from Ceará Luiz Hermano, represented by Galeria Lume, presents an unprecedented installation with several works. Curated by Cauê Alves, the exhibition aims to present the artist's creative development. The exhibition is part of the Desdobramentos project, carried out by Sesc. The various works that came to compose the exhibition start from the study of the science of shapes, size and properties of space: geometry.

Festival Saw, conversations at Instituto Moreira Salles in São Paulo, on 21 and 22/4.

saw, the IMS essay magazine, promotes conversations with writers, journalists, researchers and critics on literature, art, politics and society, and a session of saw live with readings, music and visual arts.




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