Dudi Maia Rosa, 'A Fool King Will Be?'



Dudi Maia Rosa, 'A Fool King Will Be?'

YoYo: What goes around comes around, press conference Sesc Belenzinho, opening on 5/5.

Curated by Ricardo Ribenboim, it is an exhibition of contemporary art made for children, where it is possible to interact with the works. The exhibition assumes that the relationship between people and art promotes a thickening of the everyday experience, fundamental for all ages. The participating artists are: Dudi Maia Rosa, Franklin Cassaro, Guto Lacaz, Leandro Lima and Gisela Motta, Lia Chaia, Raul Mourão, Regina Silveira and Sandra Cinto.

Ismael Nery, 'Self-portrait with Adalgisa', s/d.

Ismael Nery: Female and Male, individual at MAM-SP, 8/5.

“It is not an exhibition for specialists, although they may have the pleasure of revisiting already known works. It is an exhibition in which an artist is revealed who, in his time, had the courage to walk alone, discover himself and seek a look that was absolutely synchronized with his time, but – incredible – not with the intellectuals of his country.” , points out curator Paulo Sergio Duarte.

Marcos Amaro, 'Soft Landing', 2016.

Marcos Amaro: Overflight, solo show at Centro Cultural dos Correios in Rio de Janeiro, until June 24th.

Multimedia artist, Amaro shows an exhibition already presented in São Paulo. Curated by Ricardo Resende, constructed, transformed and deconstructed objects make up “a heap of organized things, while highlighting the precarious balance of the pieces, sculptures and installations in their raw state”, punctuates the exhibition text.

Tatiana Blass, 'Showcase Theater'.

Approximations, collective at Galeria Celma Albuquerque, opening 5/5.

The show brings together seven artists from Minas Gerais and six artists from Rio de Janeiro. Already presented at the Laura Alvim Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro, it now arrives in Belo Horizonte. “Approaches evoke proximity or proximity. It brings inherent the idea of ​​space, always present in the visual arts and, especially, in the scope of painting. The history of painting reveals its intimacy with the most varied concepts of spatiality that emerged over the centuries”, writes the artist Zalinda Cartaxo, who participates in the collective.

Christus Nóbrega, 'Sword of Saint George V and III', 2013/2014.

Christus Nóbrega: Second Nature, solo show at Galeria Murilo Castro, extended from 5/5.

The artist Christus Nóbrega outlines his artistic research, gathering works that make it possible to reflect on the history arising from ourselves, from the questioning of what we propose to create as a legacy. The works were produced between 2012 and 2016 and cover the investigation of the image at the interface with other disciplinary fields, such as botany, medicine and technology.

Numerous artists exhibit at Cavalete. Photo: Disclosure

Photo Fair Easel, photography fair at MIS, opening on 5 and 6/5.

Independent photographers, galleries, publishers, bookstores and labels come together to present and sell photography in different media and segments: from cotton paper printing, clothing and accessories to photobooks; from period to contemporary photography; from documentary photography and photojournalism to fine art.

Artist's books and notebooks at the Estante project. Photo: Playback/Facebook

Alex Ceverny: drawing, body and mind, individual at UNICAMP, until 31/5.

As part of the Estante Project, which proposes the presentation of books and notebooks by artists at the UNICAMP Institute of Arts, Cerveny takes some of his objects for exhibition and appreciation by students and the general public, with free admission.



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