Lygia Clark, 'Bicho em si', 1962, 

The Trans-Atlantic Other: Optical and Kinetic Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America Between the 50s and 70s, press conference at Sesc Pinheiros, opening on 9/8.

The exhibition was organized by the Polish museum in 2017 and, in 2018, it was on display.
at the Garage Museum of Contemporary in Moscow (Russia). Now, The Other Trans-
Atlântico brings to the Brazilian public works originally exhibited in Warsaw and
Moscow, added by Latin American works, especially by Brazilians. O
set is presented, according to the curator, in a narrative that reflects
commonality between their interests and creative intuition.

Valeska Soares, Doubleface

Valeska Soares: Meanwhile, solo show at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo, opening on 4/8.

For the exhibition at the Pinacoteca, curator Julia Rebouças selected a set of works from the museum’s collection, from private collections and from the artist herself, some of which are unpublished in Brazil. They are paintings, collages, objects, installations and sculptures that, as the title suggests, present intermediate zones of contact: intersections between the individual and society, between the hidden/mysterious and the explicit, past and future, etc.

Flavio Cerqueira, “Iceberg”

art to feel, collective at Caixa Cultural de São Paulo, opening on 4/8.

curated by Isabel Portella, it was designed mainly for the exhibition of works of art accessible to all by stimulating perception through the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch), which hardly happens in a show simply of visual arts. Therefore, it is extremely important to guarantee the right to autonomy of the disabled public, who must have their needs addressed, as well as their rights to access culture and heritage as respected citizens.

Iván Navarro, 'Extraña devotion (strange devotion)', 2013

Ivan Navarro: The Bright Sun, solo show at the Luciana Brito gallery, opening on 4/8.

Iván Navarro's production is based on the interaction between two main axes: the history of art and the history of politics. On the one hand, from a formalist point of view, his works are carefully constructed and establish a direct dialogue with Minimalism, especially through the use of light as its main support.

Paulo Pasta, '3rd Variation'

share, benefit collective at Centro Brasileiro Britânico, from 8 to 10/8.

70 artists participate in this edition, including Erika Verzutti, Lina Kim, Paulo Pasta, Regina Silveira, Sandra Cinto, Andrey Zignatto, Sônia Dias and many others. Everyone donates at least 50% of the amount collected from the sale of their works, many of them offered at more affordable prices. Together, they present to the public paintings, sculptures, drawings, watercolors, prints and photographs, as well as two vases from the Ikebana Floral Art, created especially by Iran do Espírito Santo and Lilian Tone.

Daniel Moreira, Untitled

Daniel Moreira: Walking Landscape 381, exhibition at Centro Cultural FIESP, opening on 8/8.

In a full and constant immersion through the two-hundred-kilometer stretch of the BR-381, the Minas Gerais-based photographer Daniel Moreira recorded the social dynamics of the highway through portraits of walkers and their landscapes, leading the viewer to reflect on the web of relationships established between the being and the road.

Alan Fontes, Monroe Inverted assembled in two parts, 2018. Photo: Daniel Pinho

Alan Fontes: National Exhibition, solo exhibition at Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea, in RJ, opening on 7/8.

Nine paintings will be presented, in oil and encaustic on canvas, and four book-objects, in oil and fresco on concrete, in which the artist continues the project started three years ago, in which he researches the urban space of Rio de Janeiro, working in the gaps of an ever-changing memory.

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