Ícaro Lira, Museum of the Foreigner, 2015-2017

Ícaro Lira, Museum of the Foreigner, 2015-201721st Contemporary Art Biennial Sesc_Videobrasil, call for selection of artists, until 10/8

Submissions of works in any format and language from the Global South, from Portuguese-speaking countries and from members of indigenous peoples from any country. The selected artists will participate in the exhibition at Sesc 24 de Maio and in parallel activities at Galpão VB (São Paulo, Brazil), between October 2019 and February 2020, and will compete for five awards, granted by an international jury.

100 years of Athos Bulcão, individual at CCBB-SP, opening on 01/8

The exhibition, curated by Marília Panitz and André Severo, offers the spectator the possibility of getting to know her special production process, with the exhibition of more than 300 works, some of which were never before seen, made between the years 1940 and 2005. Works by younger artists who were directly or indirectly influenced by Athoswill also be displayed.

Thiago Honório, Pau-Brasil, 2014

Verzuimd Braziel: Brazil Desamparado, press conference at the National Historical Museum, until 16/9

The exhibition is part of a set of winning shows for the CNI SESI SENAI Marcantonio Vilaça Award, which are on display at the MHN. Collective by award-winning curator Josué Mattos has André Parente, Anna Bella Geiger, Carla Zaccagnini, Cildo Meireles, Clara Ianni, Dalton Paula, Daniel Jablonski & Camila Goulart, Daniel Santiago, Ivan Grilo, Lourival Cuquinha, Regina Parra, Regina Silveira, Santarosa Barreto, Thiago Honório, Thiago Martins de Melo and Vitor Cesar.


Rodrigo Torres, Neolithic Express series, 2018

Rodrigo Torres: Mr. fusion, solo show at SIM Galeria in São Paulo, opening on 28/7

The artist exhibits 14 works, similar in concept to gadgets cinematography, and draws a parallel between globalization, past and future through ceramic works of art. The pieces indicate the renewal of ways of working with sculpture, which gained new directions in the 1960s in Brazil at the hands of personalities such as Tunga, with his dreamlike transcendence, and Helio Oiticica, creator of the interactive 'Bólides'.

Flávio Shiró, Untitled, 2007

Flavio Shiró: Flavio Shiró, individual at Pinakotheke in SP, until 11/8

The artist celebrates 90 years of age with an exhibition that dates back 70 of them dedicated to art. Curated by Max Perlingeiro and Shiró himself, the show is a retrospective that brings together 26 paintings, 12 works on paper, photographs, personal objects and five short films, directed by Adam Tanaka and Margaux Fitoussi.

Alberto Ferreira, Pé Ante Pé, 1960

Alberto Ferreira: Intuition, single at Lume, opening at 2/8.

Curated by Paulo Kassab Jr., the show presents 15 works by the photographer to the public – nine of them unpublished, recently rediscovered from his collection. “Alberto Ferreira had the intuition that makes great photographers predict events fractions of a second before they happen. He cut out every second of the places he went to to make each of his photographs each a definitive image,” says the curator.

Vitor Mizael: Naturam Impossibile, individual at the Murilo Castro gallery in BH, until 26/8

The exhibition is made up of a set of drawings, paintings and installation.
Birds that don't fly, that are attached to each other, that don't land, plants that bloom even with their roots exposed. In addition to the real impossibility of the existence of these creatures, they also refer us to the pleasure and pain of being connected to each other, of flying without having a landing or rest, the need for our roots but the danger of exposing our core and the intense desire to do it.

Delson Uchoa, Flor do Cerrado

Delson Uchôa: Autophagy – I Devour My Own Time, solo show at Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte in RJ, until 18/8

With works in prestigious Brazilian and foreign institutions, a characteristic of this production by Delson Uchôa is what he calls “autophagy”. He often goes back to an old work and enlarges it, grafting other paintings or pieces of his “skin bench”, the successive layers of paint on resin taken from the ground.

Simone Fontana Reis, Not All That Glitters Is Gold

2nd women's circle, conversation on MuBE, on 2/8

Simone Fontana Reis invites you to reflect on the role of women in transforming the landscape and its connection with the preservation of the environment. To direct the conversation, ways of life of ancestral Amazonian societies will be on the agenda. The museum’s curator, Cauê Alves, indigenous activist Cristine Takuá, among other invited professionals, participate in the debate: anthropologists, architects, other indigenous leaders, artists, writers, biologists, curators, philosophies, archaeologists, geologists, landscape designers and decorators. The meeting is open to the public of all genders.

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