Bente Olesen Nystrom, from the book Hr. Alt. Gyldendal. Copenhagen, 2006


Bente Olesen Nystrom, from the book Hr. Alt. Gyldendal. Copenhagen, 2006

Illustration as a Door to the World, press conference at Sesc Bom Retiro, until 14/10

In partnership with Instituto Emília, Sesc brings to Brazil an exhibition that selects a panorama of 50 years of illustrators' show held at the Children's and Youth Book Fair in Bologna. Despite bringing extremely well-known artists to the world illustration market, many are not known to the Brazilian public in general because they have never been translated in Brazil. Names such as Chiara Carrer, Tony Ross and Jean-Louis Besson are some of the works exhibited at the show.

Mundano, 'Rupestrian Fight', 2018

Mundane: Mundane Voices, solo show at Emmathomas, opening 24/7.

Curated by Ricardo Resende, Mundano presents 40 works in different languages ​​to talk about the problems that surround today's society. In the words of the curator: “The great challenge of this show is to maintain or remain with the artivist veins, integrated and activated in the commercial art space. Seeing an artist still willing to express himself, to care about the other and the collective on the walls of a gallery, is, in fact, a breath of fresh air when observing the world in which individualism, banality and competition prevail. in human relationships”.

Neide Sá, Reflexível, 1977

Neide Sa: Poetic structure, rupture and resistance, solo show at Galeria Superfície, opening 24/7

One of the most distinguished artists in Brazil, Neide Sá is the only female founder of the Poema Processo movement, which took place in the 60s. For her first solo show at Superfície, photograms, film, collage and installations will be presented. The artist will also be present at the Radical Women exhibition, which opens in August at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo.

Ana Maria Tavares, Barcelona (Antigodlin), 2018.

Ana Maria Tavares: Infinite Rotations, individual in Galeria Vermelho, until 18/8

The set of works presented in Rotações Infinitas stem from a recurring desire in Tavares’ production: to point to the fact that despite enormous efforts towards a certain programmatic purism in the field of modernist architecture, it never managed to actually eliminate ornament.

Maxwell Alexandre, Present, 2017

Maxwell Alexander: The Baptism of Maxwell Alexander, solo show at A Gentil Carioca in Rio de Janeiro, opening on 21/7

For his first solo exhibition, the artist will present unpublished works, designed especially for the exhibition, which has a critical text by Fernando Cocchiarale. On a pilgrimage, the artist and the members of the collective The Bride – Church of the Kingdom of Art, will walk with the artist's works to the gallery, departing from Maxwell's studio in Rocinha.

Antonio Canonico, Untitled, 2018

Alexandre Canonico: How things are going, solo show at Silvia Cintra + Box 4 in Rio de Janeiro, opening on 21/7

The exhibition is the first solo show by São Paulo artist Alexandre Canonico in Rio de Janeiro. The chosen title reflects exactly the idea that permeates all the works in the show and his artistic research, which is how one material relates to another in space.



Patricia Leite, Grotto, 2014

Least common multiple, conversation in the auditorium of Pina Estação, on 21/7

Curator José Augusto Ribeiro chats with artists Marina Rheingantz and Patricia Leite about the exhibition Minimum, multiple, common. The show runs until September 17 and features works characterized by simple, flat and synthetic figurations, sometimes bordering on abstraction. These images reproduce, in general, scenes of solitude – through the isolation of beings and objects or through empty spaces, without human presence.

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