Leon Ferrari, to human rights

Sculptures to hear, collective exhibition at MuBE (Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and Ecology), opening on 3/3.

In “Esculturas para Ouvir”, curator Cauê Alves seeks, from the point of view of private contemporary art collections, to discover how these pieces are seen today within the field of visual arts. And the absence of works belonging to museums in this show is intentional, because the question that we are trying to investigate is: are sound sculptures already widely accepted as works of art by collectors, the market and the public? León Ferrari, Amelia Toledo and Paulo Bruscky are some of the artists that are part of the exhibition.

hilma klintHilma af Klint, The Ten Largest, No. 7, Adulthood, Group IV, 1907.

Hilma af Klint: Possible Worlds, solo show at the Pinacoteca de São Paulo, opening on 3/3

The exhibition includes 130 works. Highlight for the series entitled “the top ten”, created in 1907 and considered today one of the first and greatest works of abstract art in the western world, as it predates the non-figurative compositions of contemporary af Klint artists such as Kandinsky, Mondrian and Malevich. In addition to this set, the exhibition in São Paulo will feature a series of works that have never been presented to the public. The Pinacoteca exhibition is curated by Jochen Volz, the institution’s general director, in partnership with Daniel Birnbaum, director of the Moderna Museet., and is a collaboration with the Hilma af Klint Foundation.


Exhibition table of the Uruguayan publisher Microutopicas, in the 2017 JUNTA edition.

JUNTA – Latin American Artist Book Fair, book fair at Sesc Pinheiros, on the 3rd and 4th of March.

Bringing together postcards, books, zines and posters that are difficult to access due to geopolitical and economic reasons, the print art fair will feature a wide variety of formats and authors. Seven national publishers, pioneers in the organization of spaces for the sale of printed art, were invited to the event. There will also be representatives from Cuba and Argentina. Curated by Paula Borghi, the fair will also have tables for street vendors, which can be occupied by independent publishers. The fair is part of the program of the Festa!, Learning Festival, which takes place at Sesc units during the weekend.

cildo ubu book

book detail Cildo: studies, spaces, time, publisher UBU.

Cildo: studies, spaces, timebook launch at Galeria Luisa Strina, on 6/3.

Organized by Diego Matos and Guilherme Wisnik, the book Cildo: studies, spaces, time brings unprecedented iconographic collection. In addition to photographs of the works on display, it features drawings and sketches made in the process of creating the works of Cildo Meireles, one of the most important artists working in the country. Included are the most famous works to the most unknown works. It also presents twelve texts by national and international critics on Cildo, from 1969 to 2017.

Amanda Mei-Scheduled dateAmanda Mei, appointment, 2017.

Daniel ArshamZAZEN e Amanda Mei: Reform, solo exhibitions at Galeria Baró, openings in 3/3.

In the works that make up the exhibition ZAZEN, Daniel Arsham proposes to the spectator the experience of a time that is not concrete – despite the materiality of the objects of his sculptures and installations. Already in Remodeling, the set of works deals with the dynamics of transformation and destruction movements, the idea of ​​progress and survival.

Takesada Matsutani, fence, 2006.

Takesada Matsutani, activities at Japan House, between the 6th and 11/3

Contemporary artist Takesada Matsutani is one of the greats of post-war Japanese art. For the first time in Brazil, the exhibition will feature two works and two performances. On March 3, the Bergamin & Gomide gallery will also open an exhibition about the artist. Takesada Matsutani: Selected Works 1972 – 2017 brings about 20 works with graphite, vinyl glue, collage and acrylic, among other materials, supported by paper, canvas and wood.

day dayDiogo de Moraes, Day day, 2008

Mary Andrade e Diogo de Moraes, solo exhibitions at Galeria Virgílio, openings in 7/3.

Bus diary: school visits to artistic institutions conceives mediation as a documentary practice with an artistic bias. Its elaboration involves infiltration in buses that take students from the public education network to art institutions in the city of São Paulo, on the occasion of scheduled visits promoted by their educational departments. Maria Andrade's individualin the words of Rodrigo Bivar, he has paintings that “are based on photographs, or are reconstructions made by memory. Although they are landscape paintings, the artist's use of color is not intended – except for one piece – to be naturalistic”.

spilage II

Francisco Valdes, Spillage II, 2015

Francisco Valdés: Scandinavian Ghost, solo show at Adelina Galeria, until 31/3.

The show features paintings created especially for this exhibition in São Paulo. For Mario Gioia, who signs the critical text, “Valdés goes through experiments that we can evaluate as expanded painting, in which other media – drawing, three-dimensional, photography, cinema and performance, among others – are amalgamated and, disguised as new meanings, discuss and renew typical attributes of the originally investigated support.”


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