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Rosa Esteves, 'Pupa', 2001

Rosa Esteves: impressions: feelings of the bodyindividual at Sesc Santo André, until 23/9.

The human body, under material or philosophical views, is full of meanings. Its anatomy gains different understandings, according to the limited extension of the five senses, from a set of organic systems capable of becoming an instrument of collective expression and individual learning.

Lucas Dupin, 'Hanging Gardens', 2015-2018

Lucas Dupin: Ground floor, solo show at Galeria Lume, opening on 16/6.

Take the prosaic as a ruler to gauge what surrounds us. Starting from the banal to deal with universal themes and seeing the world through the eyes of those who walk the streets of cities. Lucas Dupin presents an overview of his most recent production. There are eight works, including video, installation and series of watercolors and photographs, all conceived by the artist between 2010 and 2018, most of them still unpublished.

Miguel do Rio Branco, Straw Hat at Iemanjá's house, 1984/2018

Miguel Rio Branco: With my head down in paradise, solo show at Paulo Darzé gallery, in Salvador, until 13/7.

“When we see, we configure the hidden, leaving out the facticity of things, the context. The contrasts, the framing, the positions, speak of energy-images, not homogeneous, therefore, of an iconic moment in which the discontinuous is inscribed in the continuum. All the work of Rio Branco has this tour crestfallen in paradise, this sum of asymmetric images whose quantum it is measured by intensities, forces, something beyond the image, a signifier that goes beyond the signs, what we see”, writes critic Adolfo Montejo Navas in the exhibition's book.

Leda Catunda, 'Pista', 2018

Leda Catunda and Alcides: Where are we and where are we going, double at Galeria Estação, until 11/8.

Galeria Estação has invited, in addition to critics, artists to curate the exhibitions in its collection, such as Paulo Pasta (José Antonio da Silva and Julio Martins da Silva) and Rodrigo Bivar (Neves Torres and Manuel Graciano). This time, she invited Leda Catunda and proposed a new model: the artist-curator chooses a name from the gallery's cast to dialogue with her own production. In this context comes Leda Catunda and Alcides: where we are and where we are going, an exhibition that brings together around 30 works by the artist duo.

Débora Bolsoni, 'Untitled', from the series “Alfabetos”, 2004

I Show of the 2018 Exhibition Program, collective at Centro Cultural São Paulo, opening on 16/6.

The 2018 Exhibition Program Show presents the simultaneous solo exhibitions of selected artists Anna Costa e Silva, Anderson Gsé Silva, Elaine Arruda, Marlos Bakker, Hortencia Abreu and Ricardo Burgarelli, Santidio Pereira and Janaina Barros and Wagner Leite Viana. At the same time, the artist Débora Bolzoni exhibits recent projects at the invitation of the Curadoria de Artes Visuais.



Fernando Velázquez, from the series 'about complexity, #0008, after B-15', 2018

Fernando Velazquez: Iceberg, single at Zipper, opening on 21/6.

Iceberg presents a set of new works that allegorically refer to or explore the figure of the iceberg. “We see a tiny portion of the entire iceberg as most of its mass is submerged. Allegorically, we could think that our understanding of reality resembles an iceberg since necessarily the field of what we know will be infinitely smaller than the field of which it would be possible to know. The unconscious, for example, could be the invisible part of an iceberg called consciousness”, says the artist.

Nelson Leirner, 'Me and Fontana', 1999

reverse bias, collective exhibition at the SIM gallery in São Paulo, until 11/7.

The works exhibited by Lucio Fontana, Frank Ammerlaan, Nelson Leiner, Daniel Senise, Marina Weffort, Jessica Mein, André Azevedo, Tonico Lemos Auad, Jarbas Lopes, Daniel Albuquerque, Janina Mcquoid and Yuli Yamagata reflect the dialogue between generations and the origins of the temporal character. of the weave and the possibility of interruption. Artists therefore have in their hands a material whose substance, time, is both a source of fascination and strangeness.

Campana brothers, 'Taquara'

Experiencing Le Corbusier, collective exhibition at the Museu da Casa Brasileira, opening on 16/6.

Curated by Pierre Colnet and Hadrien Lelong, the exhibition presents a reflection on modernism in Brazil and on the work of the French-Swiss architect. The aim of the Brazilian artists, designers and architects invited to participate in the show is to keep Le Corbusier's modern and revolutionary thinking alive.

Frederico Marcos, 'Experience 5', 1970

Abstract Experimental Film 70's/80's, collective exhibition at the Superfície gallery, opening on 16/6.

The exhibition brings together a set of 10 unpublished films by the artists Álvaro de Sá, Clóvis Dariano, Flávio Diniz, Frederico Marcos, Neide Sá, and Victor Gerhard, as well as a set of xerographies by the artist Rafael França. The films shown are some of the first explorations of this aspect, and contain a characteristic feature of avant-garde production: they are marked by a kind of plastic scientism, in which moving lines and geometric shapes form a true visual orchestration.

Carla Chaim, He wanted to be a flag, 2018. PHOTO: Douglas de Freitas

Carla ChaimRonda, individual at Casa Sertanista, opening on 16/6

The artist Carla Chaim presents the exhibition Ronda, where Casa Sertanista is occupied by a series of videos and unpublished objects. The videos are the result of actions carried out by the artist in the last month, and explain the characteristics of the house, while speculating uses and small fictions. Chaim works with the notion of repetition and control in his pieces, both through pre-established rules and in his physical movements in the elaboration of a drawing, for example, using the body as an important tool in this process, also thinking of it as a place for conceptual discussion exploring its physical and social limits.

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