Ninja Media, Untitled, 2013

The MAM, the marquee and us in the middle, collective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, until 19/8

The Marquisethe MAM e About no Meio, curated by Ana Maria Maia and laid out by the collective of architects Grupo Inteiro, has a wide program that mixes with o already held Sunday MAM, on what omuseum carries out activities in the Ibirapuera Park. The works of the collection selected refer to the surrounding neighborhood. In addition, performances and partnerships are proposed to reduce the limits of the building, on six Sundays throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Rodrigo Bivar, 'The Elevator's Groom', 2017

Rodrigo Bivar: It's Uma, solo show at Galeria Millan, opening on 12/5

Comprising seven paintings, most of them unpublished, the show is the artist's first at Millan since 2015, and marks a new chapter in his investigation of painting. Initially figurative and close to photographic images, for a few years his work has permeated a field more identified with that of abstract painting, with interesting geometric divisions and unexpected color associations.

Regina Parra, 'A danger and a chance', 2016

excessive, collective exhibition at Zipper Galeria, opening on 17/5

Curator Diego Matos brings together a set of works that portray Brazil, its historical ballast and its multiple realities in the light of an imaginary built in the last two decades of the XNUMXst century. Contrary to the parameters of an official history based on the grandiose ideas of progress and civilization and on the attention to the development of large metropolises, the efforts of the artists selected here conflagrate wide interest in exploring, recognizing grandiose but invisible territories. This is the same Brazil that, at the moment, whether out of fear, ignorance or elitism, is turned away. Among the artists are Romy Pocztaruk, Regina Parra, Tuca Vieira and Karim Aïnouz.

Fernando Limberguer, 'Ainozama'.

Amazon: the new travelers, collective exhibition at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture and Ecology, opening on 12/5

Curated by Cauê Alves and Lucia Lohmann, professor at the Botany Department of the Institute of Biosciences at USP, the show brings together artists such as Cildo Meireles, Claudia Andujar, Walter Salles and Luiz Braga. The exhibition is based on scientific research coordinated by Lucia on the origin of the Amazon.

The exhibition is part of the Pivô Pesquisa artistic residency program. PHOTO: Disclosure

11th Open Atelier, press conference at Pivô, on 12/5

The public is invited to get in touch with the artists-in-residence process, who present works in progress, test ways of exhibiting or produce specific content for the event, such as conversations or performances. With diverse backgrounds and investigations, both from Brazilian and foreign artists, this is an opportunity to experiment with supports, to understand the use of spaces, and the chance to experience possibilities for dialogue.

João Loureiro, 'Assisted Reproduction'

Joao Loureiro: 1:1, solo show at Galeria Jaqueline Martins, opening on 12/5

The artist correlates the gallery's exhibition space with a butcher shop in the region, in the Vila Buarque neighborhood, downtown São Paulo. But more than occupying both spaces with a set of works, João Loureiro conceives a series of chained actions that are cyclically repeated throughout the exhibition period, making the work cumulative day by day.


Dora Longo Bahia, 'Brasil x Argentina' (video stills), 2017. PHOTO: ZUM Photography Scholarship/IMS Collection

The artist in process with Dora Longo Bahia, conversation at Instituto Moreira Salles in São Paulo, on 12/5

'The artist in process' is an activity that promotes an open conversation with an artist about his work, his line of research and his creative process. The guest of this time is the multimedia artist Dora Longo Bahia, who – among other things – addresses sex, death and violence in her works.


Athos Bulcão, 'Study in cardboard'. The exhibition celebrating 100 years of the artist is on display at the CCBB in Belo Horizonte and is part of the Museum Week program. Photo: Vicente de Mello/Disclosure

National Museum Week, special program of museums across the country, from 14/5 to 20/5

The 16th National Museum Week is a cultural season promoted by Ibram in celebration of International Museum Day (May 18). In this edition, 1.130 museums across the country offer the public 3.261 special activities, such as guided tours, lectures, workshops, film screenings and much more!

Emmanuel Nassar, 'Trap Trap', 2013. At Galeria Millan's stand in Lisbon.

ARCOlisbon, art fair in Lisbon, from 17 to 20/5.

With the quality of the content as its main objective, Cordoaria Nacional will have the participation of 68 galleries. The General Program will consist of 50 galleries selected by the Organizing Committee, and the Opening section will feature the participation of 8 national and international galleries with less than seven years of seniority, selected by João Laia, Portuguese writer and curator. As a novelty, 10 special projects will be incorporated this year, also selected by the Organizing Committee.

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