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An initiative by Galeria OMA, the 1st OMA Curatorship Notice covered the entire national territory. The excellent opportunity for young curators awarded “Métricas da Cidade de Brasília”, by Gisele Lima.

Gisele Lima (Disclosure)

The brasiliense has a degree in Theory, Criticism and History of Art from the University of Brasília. Her proposal is a group show with other artists from Brasilia, Gustavo Silvamaral, Guilherme Moreira and João Trevisan.

Gisele highlights the thinking around the mathematics of the sensitive, the unique colors and shapes in the architecture of the Brazilian capital. In addition, she draws attention to the reverberation in the notion of belonging to a scenario marked by modernism and political coexistence.

The 1st OMA Call for Curatorship

OMA Galeria has established itself as one of the main spaces for contemporary art in Brazil. The public notice, officially announced during SP-Arte/Foto, in August, is intended to encourage young curators. The selected proposal closes the gallery's annual exhibition calendar. The expected prize is 5 reais for the project, in order to support the curatorship and the artists participating in the show.

“We were surprised by the quality and quantity of subscribers”, comments gallery owner Thomaz Pacheco. The Gallery highlights the importance of this type of action in the face of demand from professionals. “We didn't have the real dimension of the scope of the public notice at the national level”, he explains.

The “Metric” exhibition is scheduled for the end of November.

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