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Silvio Frota, director of the Fortaleza Photography Museum, says that education is the great...

For Frota, creator of the most important photography museum in the country, which remains without public funding, “culture has always been the ugly duckling, because it doesn't give votes”; the director also highlights the vast educational work carried out with needy populations and talks about regional inequalities in Brazil.
'Blacks in the pool' (2014), by Paulo Nazareth. Courtesy: Mendes Wood DM

Swimming with a stroke

Released discreetly in the first half of this year (although printed in 2023), the book Negros na pool. Contemporary art, curation and education (Ed. Fósforo)...

Exhibition “Amador e Jr Segurança Patrimonial Ltda, neither professional nor senior”

Is it an exhibition? Is it an installation? Is it a performance? It's "Amador e Jr Segurança Patrimonial Ltda, neither professional nor senior", a mix of everything...

Exhibition “The taste of war”

On July 10th, MIS, an institution of the Secretariat of Culture, Economy and Creative Industry of the State of São Paulo, opens the exhibition...

Exhibition “New Photography 2024, Gisa Araújo”

Thalassa is, in Greek mythology, one of the first female personifications of the Mediterranean Sea, mother of all fish and beings that inhabit the...
Raphael Fonseca

'It won't become the Flood Biennial'

Curator of the Mercosul Biennial, Raphael Fonseca says he will avoid 'literalizing' the issue of flooding in Rio Grande too much, and that the general theme, 'Snap', remains

Exhibition “Claudia Andujar. My life in two worlds”

One of the most important photographers in the world, Claudia Andujar is the new artist to occupy the Pinacoteca do Ceará. The museum, which is part of the Public Network...
Facade of the Paranaense Museum, in Curitiba (PR). Photo: Heloisa Michele/MUPA

Museu Paranaense, in Curitiba, consolidates itself as a reference for museum management

attentive to urgent current issues, such as rescue and the right to memory, repair and restitution, the Paranaense Museum (MUPA) started...
The Back of Heaven

Film addresses the madness of the evangelization of indigenous people in Javari

Avesso do Céu, by the duo Dias & Riedweg, was filmed in the Javari Reserve, in the far west of the Amazon, and has as its theme the conversion practiced by dozens of neo-Pentecostal churches, even with newly contacted indigenous people

The university, censorship and cancellations

The growing proscription of literary works in educational institutions is already a reality; institutionalized interdiction may be on the way