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fernanda sanino and leticia piagentini from lumberjills

Party! occupied the Sesc SP units over the weekend

The 39 Sesc units spread across São Paulo will host the second edition of FestA!, on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March,...
Pier Paolo Pasolini. Photo: Sesc publicity.

Pasolini: Sesc celebrates centenary with special exhibitions and lectures

Held in partnership with the Instituto Italiano di Cultura, the show takes place from August 3 to 17, in the city of São Paulo, and continues with free film screenings on the Sesc Digital platform.
The Last Forest

Sesc-SP makes special program for Indigenous Diversity Day

Lectures, debates and a webseries take advantage of the date to draw attention to indigenous cultures and their respective struggles

Independent spaces are highlighted in an exhibition organized by Ateliê397 at Sesc Pinheiros

Exhibition presents 40 works by artists and collectives with passages in independent art spaces and platforms such as Ateliê397 itself.

“Occupation Inspired Looks: Raquel Trindade, Queen Kambinda” at Sesc 24 de Maio; watch the...

On display at Sesc from May 24 to December 12, the Ocupação Olhares Inspirados: Raquel Trindade, Rainha Kambinda presents the work...
Horizontal, color photo. View of the MIRROR COUNTRIES exhibition. In the foreground, sculptures of animals, some colored, in wood, others in straw. In the background, a mural with capulanas and fabrics from different regions of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, São Tomé and Principe, Cape Verde and Brazil. Kazuo Kajihara's photo.

“Mirrored Countries”, at Sesc Consolação, shows cultural encounters between Brazil and African nations of...

The piassava palm straw weaves on the north coast of Bahia create a clear dialogue with the basketry made on the north coast of...
Sesc-SP reopening

Sesc-SP: Gradual resumption of face-to-face activities and success of the digital proposal

Watch the interview with Juliana Braga de Mattos, Visual Arts and Technology Manager at Sesc-SP, who talks about the institution's work in recent months and the planning for the face-to-face reopening of the units
Scene from the movie "Auto da Resistencia" by Natasha Neri and Lula Carvalho. In the scene, Marielle Franco, a councilor murdered in Rio on March 14, 2018, next to the mothers of young people killed by the police. The film is one of those exhibited by Sesc within the É Tudo Verdade Festival.

It's All True Festival prepares a special program with Sesc-SP

The event takes place free of charge in the virtual environment and, together with Sesc, brings a special selection of six winning documentaries from previous editions of the festival.

Sesc Digital brings together content on art, sport, environment, health and citizenship

Sesc-SP platform proposes multiple and varied virtual experience in times of social isolation due to the coronavirus; Watch the video

Remember some of the main exhibitions held by Sesc-SP in 2019

While the Sesc units are closed, watch a video with images and interviews about exhibitions held by the institution last year